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Since 1968 Krah has been developing and producing Krah helical extrusion pipe production technology in the Westerwald region of Germany.

The Krah production technology is a helical extrusion (spiral wound) process that allows to produce profiled pipes for gravity application, solid wall pressure pipes and all kinds of special wall structures to produce fittings, manholes and accessories. Due to the advanced technology and a continuous development process, Krah Pipes can be produced as a seamless, smooth and inspection-friendly inner surface together with an integrated socket spigot for electro fusion jointing and even for other types of jointing technologies. The production procedure provides the possibility of customized and cost-efficient pipe design, especially for the required application, by the help designed wall structure.

The pipe system can fulfill all requirements for a standard pipe and for tailor-made (engineered) pipe system.

Becoming a Krah Pipe Manufacturer

Become a unique and independent pipe manufacturer in the larger diameters from DN ID 300 mm up to DN ID 5000 mm with only one Krah Machine. The short payback period of the Krah Technology is caused by covering many market segments like gravity pipes, pressure pipes, low pressure pipes, manholes, fittings, tanks and special applications. Today we are proud to serve our customers and their countries, providing a sustainable, leak-proof and durable pipe system.

We’re providing full technical solutions in implementation and application to our customers.

A one-time sales offers a short-term success, but a strong relationship to a customer is the basis for a long-term, successful cooperation. Our potential lies in providing and supervising a complete turn-key solution. Therewith, we are providing an exceptional service to realize the vision by transferring it into a mission. The complete process will be continuously supported with advice and action.

Relations, experiences and exceptional service-offers make the difference to build a strong, successful and long-term partnership.

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Krah Machines

We produce the production technology for Krah-Pipes

The German Krah Advanced Technologies GmbH (KAT GmbH) develops and produces Krah machines for the production of large diameter plastic pipe systems with diameters ranging from DN/ID300 up to DN/ID5000mm. Besides the pure pipe production plant also a lot of additional machines are fabricated in-house to completely equip a pipe production work.

Krah Pipes

Krah Pipes – powerful partners with powerful knowledge

Krah is producing and developing since 1968 helical extrusion technology for production of large diameter pipes between DN ID 300 up to DN ID 5000 mm and is the most experienced company in large diameter plastic pipe application. 

After decades of worldwide successful projects and continuously growth in the business, the purpose of forming a further company was necessary to provide engineering services and solutions in large diameter plastic pipe application.

About Krah

As a family-owned company with an almost 50-year history we possess the essential base for being successful on the global market.

Our company is rooted in a small engineering company specialized on the design of small machines and tools founded by Karl-Heinz Krah in the year 1968. During the past years the company has developed from a small workshop and „one man show“ to a worldwide successful...

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