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Krah Production Technology
DN/ID 300 - 5000mm, PEHD and PP
Krah Pipe Systems
DN/ID 300 - 5000mm, PEHD and PP



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Welcome to our landing page. Large Diameter plastic pipe machine- and pipe manufacturer. Large Pipe Technology DN/ID300-DN/ID4000, PEHD and PP. To enable our customers a better overview of our products and technology we’ve split our homepage into two: On you will find everything regarding our high specialized machine technology and spare parts. On you will find everything about our high quality pipes, applications and jointing technologies. We set a high value on the fact that all additional outsourced products are manufactured by high qualified German and Western European companies. Even if the competition has increased on the global market products „Made in Germany“ are still in great demand. Together with our sales offices in Kuwait (Krah Middle East), Buenos Aires (Krah America Latina) and Singapore and due to our several local sales representatives we represent a global network that allows to provide a high efficient service worldwide. No matter what culture or time zone. Today Krah's machine manufacture is called KAT (Krah Advanced Technologies). As a family-owned company a 40 years history we possess the essential base for being successful on the global market. Our company is rooted in a small engineering company specialized on the design of machines and tools founded by Karl-Heinz Krah in the year 1968. During the years the company has developed from a small workshop and „one man show“ to a worldwide successful machine manufacturer specialized in large diameter plastic pipe production plants in big diameters for non, pressure pipes as well as storage tanks. Our fields of application include Sewage lines, Storage tanks, Ventilation pipes, Sea outfall lines, Storm drain, House connections, Pressure pipes, Manholes and Fittings We not only prodive the turnkey machine, but also important equipment like planning, marketing measures, After-Sales-Service and much more. Furthermore we offer you any time the possibility to book one of our technicians for trainings in your premises, regardless the location of your company. The production technology of the KR-machine can be described as follows: For the production of non-pressure pipes the machine KR750 is fed with granule material for structured wall gravity pipes. During the extrusion a homogenous profile is helically extruded on a preheated rotating steel mandrel. The production is a discontinuous procedure and every pipe is equpipped with an integrated socket and spigot. After the actual extrusion process the pipe is cooled down to the dismantling temperature, meanwhile, before dismantling, the pipe ends are being machined to prepare the socket and spigot for the later jointing with other pipes. Directly after the dismantling the pipe will be finished manually, weighed, packed and is ready to be shipped after having successfully passed the quality control. Our latest machine, the “KR800-MAX”, provides a production output of 130kg/hr with a pipe of DN/ID1000mm.