About Krah

About Krah

As a family-owned company with an 50-year history we possess the essential base for being successful on the global market.

Our company is rooted in a small engineering company specialized on the design of small machines and tools founded by Karl-Heinz Krah in the year 1968. During the past years the company has developed from a small workshop and „one man show“ to a worldwide successful machine manufacturer specialized in plastic pipe production plants in big diameters for non - as well as pressure pipes. Today the machines are developed, built and put into operation by the “Krah Advanced Technology GmbH” – shortly “KAT GmbH”. The sales is carried out structurally by the “Krah Handels – und Beteiligungs GmbH” – shortly “KHB GmbH”. Big steel constructions are produced on the same site (Schutzbach – Germany) in the company “KHB Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG”.

All the pipe know-how was outsourced into the “Krah Pipes GmbH & Co. KG – Germany” – here you will find everything about application technology for pipes. So if you want to know what can be produced with our machines you will find all the information you need on this website.

About 75 employees work in the Krah group in Germany.

Krah Technology - Quality made in Germany

We set a high value on the fact that all additional outsourced products are manufactured by high qualified german and western european companies.

Even if the competition has increased on the global market, products „Made in Germany“ are still in great demand.

But the name “Krah” doesn’t always contain what it claims, there are a lot of copy cats on the pipe market, but sadly their machines contain of inferior, short-lived components. The trade mark for “real” Krah machines is a long lifetime with a very stable, high performance and highest production quality.

Become a part of us …

Krah Community is an alliance of all Krah pipe producers with the main purpose of creating

integrated solutions for the water and sewage industry. Furthermore the Community promotes integrated global marketing introducing Krah as technology and presenting a united front delivering solutions.

Join the Krah Community -


As a member of the Krah Community you will benefit from many advantages. And the Community gets stronger with each member.

Let us explain

  • We distinguish ourselves towards competitors as a strong Community (uniform appearance)
  • We create reliability & confidence among each other and between members & clients
  • We build a worldwide organisation determined to fulfill the needs of the piping industry
  • We learn by the experiences of other members and avoid their once made mistakes
  • We transfer knowledge & material
  • We find solutions and discuss improvements
  • We create synergy effects (more efficiency, reduce costs)
  • We have fun!!

Contact Us

  • Krah Group
  • +49 (27 41) - 97 64 0
  • info@krah.net
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