The high performance plastic pipe production technology by Krah Made in Germany

Krah Technology can produce a wide range of products for the several market segments like pipe, fittings, manholes, tanks etc. To maintain the high level of quality, Krah is producing and developing the specific equipment for the purposed product in Germany. The Krah R&D department is working constantly to increase quality and durability of its products.

Manhole Fabrication Center MF 200

Special fabricated manholes (tangential, centric, eccentric etc.) made out of high density polyethylene becomes more and more attractive for the project engineers, to have a complete homogenous pipe system.

With the Krah Manhole Fabrication Center, manholes can be manufactured according to project requirements and designs. Due to the 5 movable axes whose position can be adjusted via the respective digital displays, a very accurate fabrication of the respective cutouts in the specially designed manholes for the project requirements is possible. In addition to the vertical machining center, a horizontal machining center is also available.

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HAS - House Connection System

PE pipe systems fulfill the highest requirements regarding tightness, long lifetime and installation.

These high demands are being strictly and consequently met by HAS-fitting. Suitable for a new installation as well as a later integration in an open construction, the house connection pipes and lateral pipes in diameters DN 150(OD 160 SDR 17,6) and DN 200 (OD 225 SDR17,6) can easily, quickly and economically be jointed to the main pipe out of PE.

Welding Machines / Hand Extruders

A complete pipe system is always just as secure as its weakest components. Mostly it will be announced that the joint is the weakest point in the complete pipe system.

Therefore, it’s important to choose the most effective and advanced welding technology. Krah developed the most advanced electro fusion joint equipment and other welding equipment for a proper and permanent welding according the DVS 2207-1 rules. Due to the excellent material properties of Polyethylene or Polyproplene, high quality and advanced welding equipment is necessary to assure a time efficient and sustainable welding of the purposed application. Due to the decades of experience and global development in process engineering, Krah welding devices assures excellent results in all welding tasks around the product range of Krah Technology.  

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