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Article 1 Thermoplastic manholes
for and out of large diameter pipes
Article 2 ImProfil of:
Mohammed Al Hashani / UGPM
Article 3 Mixed water pipeline
with dry weather channel
See also: Why should you design, use and produce KRAH Pipe System for pressure- and gravity applications?
The Azerbaijan Project from the idea to the finished pipe
ArabPlast 2013
Informations: Current Market Prices for Commodities in Middle and Eastern Europe

Welcome to the New Year 2013


Dear readers,

I hope you had a happy and successful start into 2013!
The plastic pipe industry began this year with the important exhibition “ArabPlast 2013” in Dubai.
Since we presented our company there, we could experience lots of new things during the time. All about the activities and the ambiance during the show are described in this first edition of our newsletter.
As we would like to continue this good start our New Year’s resolution is it to publish as many technical newsletters as we can.
Therefore we will happily receive your subject proposals or finished reports which will then be published in one of the next issues.

Additionally a couple of interesting reports about the application of the KRAH Pipe System are published in this issue. One of the articles, for instance, tells you a story about manhole fabrication in Sultanate Oman. Another article will give you an idea of how to enrich large diameter pipes with dry weather channel.

Moreover, we have prepared you a report about all the advantages and reasons for using, designing and producing Krah pipes system as well. On special request we will also summarize you all the advantages in details.

Last but not least an interview “10 questions for …” with our long-term partner Eng. Mohammed Al Hashani from Sultanate Oman is attached in this edition that might be interesting for you.

I hope you will enjoy this issue of Improfil
With kind regards

Alexander Krah
CEO of Krah AG

Thermoplastic manholes for and out of large diameter pipes

Manholes are, beside pipes and fittings, an essential element of underground pipe-systems. They are used for maintenance and inspection of sewers, sampling point or are fixed part of process technology / fluid engineering. The fabrication of thermoplastic manholes can be done in different ways of production. While, in smaller dimensions (DN = 800), blow molded, injection molded or rotation molded manholes are in the market, manholes made of profiled pipes (helical extruded pipes) and semi-finished products will be used in medium sized and large diameters (DN800 to DN4000). Especially, the materials Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) are popular, due to their very long service life (> 100 years), good flexibility, high impact resistance, high strength, safety and low weight.


The authors of this report have large experience in the production and application of plastic pipes in the Sultanate of Oman. The Sultanate of Oman is well known for the high investments in the build-up and renewal of the infrastructure. Consequently, high quality materials will be used which high safety and guarantee a maximum service life. This has a direct implication in the use of very high quality-standards and specifications for testing during the production of large diameter manholes, which are more stringent and comprehensive than those used in many European countries.

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10 Questions for...

Mohammed Al Hashani / UGPM

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Mixed water pipeline with dry weather channel

The town „Rasseln“ wich is a part of the city Mönchengladbach in Germany wasn’t connected to the sewage network until 2011. The used water had simply been let seep away, which is not permitted.

The NVV (Niederrheinische Versorgung und Verkehr AG), which is responsible for the proper disposal of any sewage, planned the construction of a large mixed water channel. The project consisted of building a large storage channel and pipelines to connect the town of “Rasseln” to the sewer system of the city of Mönchengladbach. In Rasseln sewage water runs into a pumping station and via two pressure pipes into the sewer systems of Mönchengladbach.


To solve this challenge two options were possible:

  1. rectangular concrete channel with lining and a dry weather channel
  2. Retaining channel of PE consisting of PE- buildings and profiled pipes DN 2000 with dry weather channel

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Why should you design, use and produce KRAH Pipe System for pressure- and gravity applications?


1. Problems in existing sewage pipe lines

The Krah Pipe System has been designed to solve the major pipe failures in existing pipelines. According to a German study made by ATV the failures were divided into several sub-failures. But always the result was infiltration and exfiltration and the maintenance /repair costs are very high. As follows you will see here some photos of failures would NOT have happened, if the system was done with Krah-Pipes.

In the todays design and choice of the products the later maintenance costs should be considered, so that the running costs will be low in the future.

2. Gravity (up to 2bar) and Pressure Pipe System

Basically one production line of Krah can produce Krah gravity pipe system and also Krah pressure pipes with the same technology and same extrusion unit, by using a Comtruder®. The main difference between the two product applications is that the gravity pipe system is designed for high pipe stiffness to withstand an external load and the pressure pipe system a high internal pressure.

The Krah gravity pipes are produced with a structured (profiled) wall and they can be manufactured with a filler material, like calcium carbonate.

The pressure pipes are produced out of a compound (based on high density polyethylene and glass fiber) with a homogeneous solid wall.

An advantage of the Krah pipe system is the end finish of the pipes. Every pipe can be produced directly with an integrated socket and spigot or every end design which is available on today´s market.

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The Azerbaijan Project - from the idea to the finished pipe
(a project study in 3 parts)

Part 1: The Idea

The country Azerbaijan is located between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus. Azerbaijan was part of the Sowjet Union until it has become independent in the year 1991. It is adjoining to Russia in the North, to Georgia in the North-West, to Iran in the South and to Armenia in the West. Further it has a common border with Turkey through the autonomous republic Nachitschewan.


The capitol “Baku” is an important harbor city at the Caspian Sea. The total area of the country is 86.600 square kilometers. The national economy is still growing fast, Aserbaijan is rich in mineral sources, especially in oil and gas, but it has also a high agricultural potential.
Only by need of renovation and repair of the infrastructure the further growing of the prosperous economy is limited.

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ArabPlast 2013


DUBAI - ArabPlast is the largest and most established trade fair for plastic and rubber industry in the Middle East. This is an excellent place for the manufacture companies to exchange their ideas and experience in new technologies. Overall, 900 international firms from 41 countries across the world exhibited various kinds of plastics, rubber and petrochemical industries at this prestigious exhibition.

One of the 900 firms is Krah AG - the world´s leading suppliers of plastic pipe production technology. Our exhibition stand caught many visitors attention which they stop by and become interested in the KRAH pipe production technology.

Our competent Krah AG members, Mr Bülent Kuzkaya and Mr Mohammed Al Hashani, provide the visitors excellent service, for instance by describing the newest products of Krah AG and the efficient way of pipe production. Because Krah AG is renowned for production of large diameter pipes, many visitors became curious about those fascination production machines. As a result, machines for pipe production till DN4000, welding equipments and machines for manhole fabrication are requested. Especially many visitors are interest in the KRAH Comtruder® Technology for gravity and pressure pipe production. The KRAH Comtruder® Technology provide the possibility of direct compounding process for adding Glass Fibers and Calciumcarbonat as well as normal extrusion process of High Density Polyethylene or High Stiffness Polypropylene (e.g. BorECO BA212E)!

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