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Article 1 Storage tanks and special apparatus
Article 2 Pipe application
Egypt - "Primary care families"
Article 3 Krah pipes go crazy
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See also: Krah sewage line for water treatment plant in Obregon Sonora, Mexico
ImProfil of: Sandra Perez / Krah América Latina, Buenos Aires
ATV A127 Standard VS. AWWA M55 manual - Main Differences in the Static Calculation Methodology for Flexible Pipes
Informations: Current Market Prices for Commodities in Middle and Eastern Europe

Welcome to the 4th issue of ImProfil

Alexander Dear Members of the Krah Community, friends and and interested people,

The year 2011 has gone so fast again and we are now publishing already the 4. Issue of our “ImProfil”, which according to your feedback has been quite well-received and we are looking forward to improving ourselves with the help of your interesting articles and news related to pipe products in 2012!

Besides several technically interesting articles you will find some motivating pictures which show what else can be done with and from Krah pipes – maybe you can build your children a Christmas present yourself this year ;)

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Looking forward to cooperating with you in 2012!

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Alexander Krah
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Storage tanks and special apparatus

Tanks for storage of liquids are required in all areas of public life. Constructions made of thermoplastic plastics are playing a decisive role on this. Beginning with the traditional bucket, which are belonging to our lives since the earliest initiations of plastics technology, up to the 100 m³ storage tank for chemicals and hazardous liquids – there is no way of avoiding constructions made of polyethylene and polypropylene today. Particularly if the cylinder barrel is made of helical extruded pipes, the flexible wall construction (profiled wall structure, multi layer, etc), which comes along with the manufacturing method, in connection with new generations of raw material, continuously opens up new possibilities of solution for the construction of tanks. Thereby new possibilities to connect stability, resistance, long-life cycle and chemical resistivity as well as cost-effectiveness are established. This makes it possible to incorporate them suggestively into construction.


A multitude of tanks is engineered in vertical form. The bottom construction is carried out as flat, beveled or conical bottom. The roof construction in turn can be engineered open – with or without reinforced edges, with cone-type roof or with flat roof.

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Pipe application / Egypt - "Primary Care families"

11 With approximately 8 million people Cairo (Egypt) is the most populous city in the Arab world. Today the metropolitan area of Cairo is even home to around 25 million people, which means that the provision of clean drinking water and disposal of wastewater is one of the biggest challenges of this region. To address this problem the government has embarked on the project "Primary care families", some time ago. This project aimed to support people, "who had lost their homes in catastrophes or who lives in very bad conditions."

As part of this project a sub-project for 12,500 residential units and 60,000 residents was planned and completed successfully 30 km south from the city center. This could be realized in collaboration with project partners as follows
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Krah pipes go crazy - apps beside the applications


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Krah sewage line for water treatment plant in Obregon Sonora, Mexico

Picture Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, una ciudad de 475,000 habitantes ubicada en el Noroeste de México, es una de las ciudades con mayor porcentaje de agua de drenaje tratada en el país, llegando a 95% , ahora la tecnología Krah ha entrado a este mercado exitosamente.

Ciudad Obregon, Sonora a city of 475,000 people in the Northwestern part of Mexico is one of the cities, that has the highest percentage of treated water in the country treating around 95% of its sewage water, and now Krah technology has entered this market successfully.

OOMAPAS DE CAJEME, the water organism in Obregon, wanted to replace several sewage lines that converged in the South Water Treatment Plant of the city, which has a capacity of 735 liters per second and started its operation in August 1997.

The installation conditions were 5 meter in depth, clay soil, and high phreatic (groundwater) surface at 20 cm from the ground soil. Also the lines were to be installed near agricultural fields so this created more water in the soil because of irrigation.

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10 Questions for...

Sandra Perez / Krah América Latina, Buenos Aires

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ATV A127 Standard VS. AWWA M55 manual - Main Differences in the Static Calculation Methodology for Flexible Pipes

The purpose of this article is to set up the main differences between two popular methods worldwide for performing static verifications of HDPE flexible pipes, i.e. between the method given by the ATV A127 standard ("Guidelines for Static Calculations on Drainage Conduits and Pipelines") and the method established by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) more specifically in its manual M55 ("PE Pipe Design and Installation").

The ATV A127 is a standard of German origin and its latest version dates from the year 2000. It is widely used in Europe and its content exclusively covers the methodology for calculations of all kinds of pipes. AWWA M55 is not a standard, but rather a design manual according to the recommendations of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) covering all relevant aspects of the design and installation of HDPE pipes. The recommended methodology of structural calculation is one of the ten chapters that the manual contains and is exclusive for HDPE pipes (although the guidelines are common to the AWWA manuals of other types of pipes). The methodology basis used in this manual is the most used, almost exclusively, in the Americas.

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