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Krah K12® pipes
How to compare Krah and ADS pipes?
Earthquake in Japan 2011
Technical Reports of PE-pipes after widespread catastrophe by Tsunamis
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10 Questions for PHILLIP FOLEY / Profile Pipe Technologies USA, LLC
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Krah K12® pipes - How to compare Krah and ADS pipes?

In the South and North American pipe market there’s some confusion regarding the proper way to compare ADS pipes with other technologies. This is due, mainly, to the fact that ADS technology does not offer standardized pipe stiffness classes (for instance SN2, SN4, SN8, etc, as European standards demand), but they only offer one kind of pipe (with specific ring stiffness) for each diameter.

Usually ADS N12 pipes are used for standard drainage or sewage buried applications. Basically these pipes have a length of 6 or 12 m and they have an integrated jointing technology (depending on the application an integrated electro fusion joint or a rubber ring). The number 12 has no relation to the ISO 9969 stiffness of SN12, the main relation is to the American standard ASTM F894 with a RSC-value of 120.

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Technical Reports of PE-pipes after widespread catastrophe by Tsunamis, Earthquake in JAPAN 2011

11 In March this year a massive earthquake in Japan - with all its terrible consequences - terrified many parts of the world. Still many people are struggling with the consequences of the disaster. The infrastructure in many parts of the country is affected, too.

Our customer and appreciated member of Krah Community „Dainippon Plastics Co. Ltd.” is producing PE-Pipes with Krah Production Technology since the early 80s and has installed a further Pipe Production Plant at Ako plant quite recently. As many of their pipe projects were implemented in the disaster area, the company commissioned the testing of the pipelines.

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10 Questions for...

Phillip Foley / Profile Pipe Technologies USA, LLC

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Viljandi Folk Music Festival - Krah Pipes providing atmosphere

41 It’s known that Krah pipes create a "good atmosphere" under the ground. But quite recently the drummer guys from Viljandi DrumLab proved something new: Krah pipes also provide a “good atmosphere” above the ground! With 5 different sized drums (DN/ID 400 – 1200 mm) made of PE pipes, the band warmed up mightily the audience of Viljandi Folk Music Festival.

The PE pipes, produced by Krah Pipes OÜ/Estonia that are generally meant for the transport of sewage, played out this year's motto "Rhythm and Pulse" on their own special kind.

The origin of the project-idea has been described by the band leader Reigo Ahven as follows: „Nobody knows exactly. Usually hold your hats when geniuses meet“. Geniuses – these are in this case Reigo Ahven (band leader of Viljandi Drum Lab), Aivar Kuusk (event producer, and Peeter Kirtsi (General Manager, Krah Pipes OÜ). – realization was me and Ahven (btw Ahven means bass the fish)

Ridgistorm-XL’s electro-fusion jointing method was a significant factor for Northumbrian Water, Mott MacDonald and contractors Seymour Civil Engineering as this eliminated the need for internal welding within the pipework.

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