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11 Big in Japan
Krah AG has brought pipe production technology to Dainippon Plastics Co., Ltd.
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Project report about relining existing pipelines
See also: Ridgistorm: Krah electro-fusion jointing has proved its worth!
ImProfil of: Jason Shingleton
The "Phoenix"-Project - A new pipe in the pipeline
Informations: Current Market Prices for Commodities in Middle and Eastern Europe

Welcome to the second issue of ImProfil

alexander Dear friends, customers, suppliers, investors an interested people in our pipe technology

It was always my dream to publish a kind of magazine and now I am proud to present the second issue of the Krah Community and Krah AG newsletter. At the beginning it was my idea only to supply constant information to my customer, but now my target is to inform all interested people about what is going on with the Krah machines and pipes in the world.

I'm really thrilled by the development of this project. Was it in the first issue 120 receivers, this time we submit the newsletter to more than 300 recipients worldwide. The readership is consists of Krah AG machine user, Krah pipe user and contractors, consultants and authorities. A print version (PDF) is available as well – if you would like to receive it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Maybe you know someone who might be also interested in keeping up-to-date? Just let us know and we will add the email address – even competitors or “enemies”  Smile.

On the 21th of May 2011 the Krah AG will have an extraordinary shareholder meeting to take the decision about an increase the registered company capital. The main reason for this is to open the way for new developments in the pipe market. I am planning to present the results by the end of this year.

Whats new?

From now on we will publish a column called “improfile of”, which consists of interesting and important information about a person related to the Krah products – this time it is Jason Shingelton / Polypipe U.K.

Moreover Issue No.2 includes coverages of pipe applications and related products. I am happy that our machine customers are supporting this project by providing very interesting reports about their own pipe applications. So please keep on doing that! Use this opportunity to communicate with your (potential) customers in an indirect way and so the reader will start out their day with a great impression of your company with a good reason to click through to your website.

I am looking forward to a steadily growing number of readers and a lot of interesting reports!

With kind regards

Alexander Krah
CEO of Krah AG

New content and redesign of

Since the last newsletter we add some new informations to the Krah Community Homepage: 01
We are still working on a new section called "frequently asked questions" regarding Polyethylene Pipes and Helical Extrusion.
To complete this area we need your assistance! - Please send us your suggestions (with questions which are in your opinion of most importance)! 
Furthermore we announce that we have redesigned the homepage and its subpages (Krah Pipes, Krah Community) to a combined, clearly arranged website.
The website is published with this newsletter and we hope you like it. If you miss anything or have an suggestion for improvement please don't hesitate to contact us.
Also please take a look at the sitemap to get an overview of the changes we made.

Big in Japan - Krah AG has brought pipe production technology to Dainippon Plastics Co., Ltd.

11 Big in Japan – not only a song performed by Alphaville, but also the Pipe Production Technology for BIG pipes which Krah AG lately brought to Dainippon Plastics Co., Ltd. in Japan.

It was in year 2007 when Ernst-Otto Muhl, Area Sales Manager at Krah AG responsible for the Asia/Oceania market, visited Dainippon Plastics at their head quarters in Osaka. He wanted to introduce Krah’s Pipe Production Technology for Pressure Pipes (DR machine) to this customer. At this time Dainippon Plastics was planning to install an additional pipe production line within the next 2 – 3 years, but was first focusing on a third KR Machine for its plant in Ako. Within a short period of time the management of Dainippon Plastics was basically convinced regarding this technology for PE-GF pressure pipes.

After having a very intensive market research and several feasibility studies as well as two visits to one of Krah’s existing customers who also runs a KDR pipe production line, Dainippon Plastics had made their decision. Mr. Tokiyoshi, Project Manager for this project reviews: “we knew very fast that this technology would open a huge additional market segment for us and that we would be able to increase our output as well as our turn over significantly. We only had to decide which date we wanted to start the production of PE-GF pressure pipes.”

At the end of 2009 the President of Dainippon Plastics, Mr. Hiroshi Kawaguchi and Mr. Ernst-Otto Muhl met in Osaka and after friendly negotiations the official purchase agreement for delivery of one DR700 Pipe Production Line was signed. It has been agreed that the acceptance test at Krah’s plant in Germany should be executed by the end of 2010 and the final acceptance test at Dainippon Plastics’ plant in Ako should take place by mid of February 2011.

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Estonian Energy - A relining project

Eesti Energia Narva Elektrijaamad (Estonian Energy Narva Power Plants) is the largest producer of electrical energy in Estonia and one of the most important power producers in the Baltic region. The company is in constant development and renovation regarding its infrastructure. In 2010 the company has started a renovation project of its cooling water circulation pipelines located in an Estonian Power Plant production facility. Existing circulation pipelines were designed and built late 1960s early 70s. Due to constant exploitation and time factor these metallic pipelines are today in really bad condition – including rust, deformations of the pipeline itself, leaks etc.

A solution had to be found to renovate the existing OD1600 pipeline with minmal costs and a guaranteed lifetime for minimum 30 years after the renovation works. Different solutions has been considered, amongst others GRP, metal, different relining options, chemical treatment etc. The chosen solution was to use polyethylene pipes ID1400 produced by Krah Pipes OÜ and to install the pipes with different applicable techniques, including: Relining of the existing pipeline connected by electro-fusion (e-fusion) technology and open trench installation of bends and manholes.

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Ridgistorm: Krah electro-fusion jointing has proved its worth!

41 Polypipe WMS re-engineers original specification for Northumbrian Water flood alleviation scheme based on Ridgistorm-XL’s proven performance and Krah electro-fusion jointing

An early involvement in a capital projects scheme in Penshaw, County Durham for Northumbrian Water enabled Polypipe Water Management Solutions (WMS) to work closely with the engineer Mott MacDonald and supply its Ridgistorm-XL large diameter pipe system – based on the Krah helical extrusion system. An alternative system was originally specified but this was re-engineered after Polypipe WMS demonstrated the performance capabilities and electro-fusion jointing technology of the Ridgistorm-XL system.

114 meters of Ridgistorm-XL pipe with an internal diameter of 1050mm were supplied to the scheme, along with 1050mm elbow joints and two large diameter 1800mm manholes fabricated at Polypipe WMS’s dedicated facility in Loughborough – the largest fabrications department for plastic drainage products in the UK.

Ridgistorm-XL’s electro-fusion jointing method was a significant factor for Northumbrian Water, Mott MacDonald and contractors Seymour Civil Engineering as this eliminated the need for internal welding within the pipework.

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10 Questions for...

Jason Shingleton / polypipe Civils UK

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The "Phoenix"-Project - A new pipe in the pipeline

51 It has the ability to arise after several hundred years and from its own ashes, reborn anew to live again. But what are the benefits to keep this same appearance and properties over and over again while the given conditions and demands change steadily? Evolutionary? Probably not – It’s time for a new PHOENIX!

We are facing daily the necessity to adapt the environment also in our pipe business. The requirements for pipes on the market are changing quickly, driven by cost effectiveness, rise in prices of raw material and the needed properties of pipes. Thus the expectations for a pipe system are high: it should have a long life time; low maintenance costs, easy expandability, flexible for movements in the soil, 100% tight to avoid in- and exfiltration.

Furthermore the complete range of fittings, manholes, special parts should be available, in all diameters, with short delivery time, high availability, it should be recyclable, saving natural resources, easy and safe to join and install, etc., but maybe the most important aspect are the investment costs of this pipe system.

Even if we are still really successful with our pressure pipe system, we will now focusing on the gravity system. It is time for a new evolutionary PHOENIX. 

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