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•  50 years of Krah
•  Boracay will be great again!
•  Krah Marine Pipes
•  Plastic Buffer Basin in Belgium
•  FEM-Design of e-fusion joints
•  An important update of DIN 16961
•  A new profile measuring device
•  Encouraging young talent
•  Introducing... "Hussi"
•  Krah Anniversary - Let's dance on the bench!

Alexander Krah

Dear Reader,

Now, where here in Westerwald/Germany fall is slowly coming closer, business is also getting more active again. The summer months, especially July and August, are always very “quiet”. Here in Germany, we have had what you call “a summer of the century” (good that this century has only had 18 years so far – so we can wait for more) with a very long period of hot weather, exceeding the 30° C mark for several weeks, which was hard for humans, animals, and the nature.

Neither we North Europeans are used to such a hot weather, nor our homes and offices were prepared for it – nobody has air conditioning systems in their homes – and the nature is suffering a lot, being used to moderate temperatures with rainfalls during summer as well. Worldwide the climate change is affecting peoples´ life’s and we should all try to alleviate the long-term effects by building sustainable fresh water, drainage and sewage systems that we also help the next generations to live safely on this planet.

Talking about generations, this leads me to two of our topics for this issue: The DIN Standard 16961, existing since 1977, publishes a new edition in German, soon also available in English. Finally, the standard regulates also the possibility of inside pressure, which is highly interesting for Krah pipes and gives the producer and end user the possibility for enormous products developments. 50 years ago, in 1968, my father, Karl-Heinz Krah, has founded the company, that has developed over the years to the today´s existing group. We would like to invite you to a small review over the last 50 years.

Another very interesting article is the one regarding the complete sanitation of the sewage and drainage system on the island of Boracay, in the Philippines. This beautiful island, very well known as a paradise for tourists, is at the moment completely closed for tourism to remove incredible environmental pollution and failing pipe systems. Our customer Krah Manila, is supplying the complete new pipelines and we are always live at site!

Last, but not least, this magazine is now a real publication, with its own ISSN-number (International Standard Serial Number). For the online version of the magazine the number will be ISSN 2626-4366.

Have fun in reading this edition!

Alexander Krah

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Many bridges over troubled water to be crossed
in the last 50 years
Boracay will be great again!
How Krah-Pipes are helping to rebuild a paradise island
Krah Marine Pipes
Plastic Buffer Basin in Belgium
Design of electrofusion joints for PE100 pressure pipes
An important update of DIN 16961 is published
A new profile measuring device
Quicknews - Encouraging young talent
Introducing... "Hussi" - Mr. Hussein Tahmaz
Krah anniversary - let's dance on the bench!

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