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The New KR800
next generation!
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New world record by Krah technology
a project marked by superlatives
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Performance of polyethylene pipes with glass fiber
See also: PE 100 Solid wall Krah pipes for marine intake and outfall pipeline
Rules and Standards for large diameter plastic pipes
5th Krah Community Meeting has been a complete success
Krah loves Culture The Curse of Solaris
Companies introduce themselves Plaspitec GmbH
Informations: Current Market Prices for Commodities in Middle and Eastern Europe

This issue of "Improfil"

Hello again,

it is time again for the new issue of Improfil. Only very few medium-sized companies publish their customer magazine in such a regular way. In particular we would like to thank Stephan Füllgrabe, who, as always, takes care of it at high pressure.

In this issue we are presenting a very interesting project, a see-intake pipeline with a diameter of DN/ID3600 and a solid wall thickness of 220mm, which has been jointed by Electro-Fusion.

Furthermore the latest generation of Krah pipe production lines, that has been delivered to our Polish customer "Kaczmarek", is being introduced.

Another highlight is an article which underlines why the original Krah system is the best one existing.

Enjoy reading this edition and I would like to use this opportunity already today to inform you, that by the end of the year we will publish a complete technical reference book for pipes in large diameters, which will also contain a lot of the articles of our Improfil issues.

Best regards from Westerwald,

Alexander Krah


We are happy, because we are "The Best"

It is very normal and common, that German machines are being copied, especially in the area of plastic processing machines. Everybody is upset, but only few companies take legal measurements against it.

Also our machines are more or less successfully counterfied and copied by approximately 5 Chinese companies. The great thing about it is, that they do not only copy the hard- and software but also our name.

As Chinese people claim to be the best masters in copying, we, Krah AG, feel very proud and flattered by their works and promotions.
Our copy cats bring up our company name and branding as well as my own last name everywhere. Therefore I would like to use this occasion to ask all copy cats who read this now: "Please try to build and deliver the machines that you call Krah machines in high quality, so that you maintain and not destroy the reputation of the best/masters."

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The New KR800 - next generation!

The last major development of our production line was four years ago, when we changed from KR700 to KR750. This year (2014) after a long time of small improvements and complete new developments, we have finally completed our new generation of our KR-serie – the "KR800". The first machine of this new line is shipped to our customer in Poland to conquer the market in East Europe. We are convinced this machine will be only the beginning of a new successful generation of production lines for spiral pipes.

The new features are:

  • New profiles designed for large diameters, especially for pipes >1500mm
    the new profiles are optimized for SN-classes according to ISO9969, for PE and also PP. With the new profiles the possibility to fight against other low-price-products is much easier. The pipes are in general 15-20% lighter for sizes DN/ID>1500 mm.
  • Extrusion output up to 1,2 tons/hr, due the new die-head system and better extruder utilization.
  • Shorter change over times, better pre-heating system.
  • Bigger co-extruder, up to 80 kg/hr.
  • New production software WIN-KDR2014, with new light weight socket and spigot system for gravity pipes. Also the MICKEY-Software is now available in the newest version, with many improvements and new features..
  • A new socket/spigot system for easier jointing of pipes.
  • More automation, like an integrated computer controlled pipe labeling system, like the IR-camera (CCTV) to check the surface temperature of the mandrel and the pipe.
  • More computer integration, with PONTIS you are always connected to each of your machine and you can get useful data of production in real time, with many charts and standard reports.
  • Integration of the measurements and logging of gas and electricity supply for each pipe (if wanted) – so the calculation of production costs will be much easier and nearly done automatically.
  • Reducing failures by using IRFID-chips in the main tools.
  • Reducing of the cooling time with a new contact-socket/spigot cooling system (CCS).
  • Reducing of production costs.
  • We simplified the production, by reducing mechanically settings
  • All important adjustments during production can be done on „real“ buttons and switches, beside the touch screen. So the machine is becoming more user-friendly.

We are offering the complete new machine series KR800 for a very attractive and very feasible price. Also for existing customers with machines starting from version KR700 are able to upgrade their system. Please do not hesitate to contact us or arrange a meeting with our responsible sales person, to explain in detail the possibilities of upgrading.

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New world record by Krah technology - a project marked by superlatives
PE 100, DN/ID 3600 mm, SDR 17 in Buenos Aires, Argentina


1. Preface
Water distribution and water usage have been in the focus of the authorities and the civil society of Argentina for many years. From an infrastructural point of view this issue raises complex problems, which have emerged through several changes between privatization and communization over several decades. The incomplete supply of numerous households with fresh drinking water such as safe sewage water connections are obvious results of these which need to be faced and solved. To address these shortcomings, especially in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, the Argentine government has launched the major project: Planta Potabilizadora Juan Manuel de Rosas.

Within this major project, river water is taken out from two rivers and transported into the water treatment plant in the north of Buenos Aires. The treated water will mainly benefit the districts of Tigre, San Fernando, San Isidro, Vicente López and San Martín. The water treatment plant will provide fresh drinking water for two million residents. The river´s name from which the project section we have been working in took its resources is Parana de las Palmas. It is an inlet flow of the great river Rio de la Plata close to Buenos Aires.

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Performance of polyethylene pipes with glass fiber

Polyethylene pipes are successful worldwide due to the superior performance (Flexibility, light weight, lifetime, tighten joint) for water and sewerage supply. However according to our ISO standard concerned Polyethylene pipes we have to use solid wall pipe with too thick against for internal pressure. The major job challenge involved finding new polyethylene solution with best high modulus and flexibility such as superior performance of polyethylene for world customers. In achieving this, polyethylene resin with glass fiber by spiral cross winding method take us new.
Our technical team should be considered a better option (characteristics of basic) not only those tests but also it was extra performance with proof of some analysis in Japan.


PE pipes have been successfully used for water distribution pipelines around world for many years. Those pipes are generally made with solid walls because of strong deflection of the pipe during terms of service. This is necessary to need over hundred mm thickness in case high internal pressure especially for large diameter pipe. This paper provides technical characteristics and discusses solid wall pipe applications with Polyethylene and Glass fiber. It combined high E-modulus and many benefits of polyethylene. HIPPA as High stiffness Polyethylene Pipes association established 1987 are operated by DAINIPPON PLASTICS, NIPPON HAWER, TORIIKASEI, PRIME POLYMER and MITSUI CHEMICALS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS in Japan. We should know what we are those basically characteristics concerned Plastic piping systems made from glass fiber reinforced polyethylene (PE-GF) for water supply and for drainage and sewerage.

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PE 100 Solid wall Krah pipes for marine intake and outfall pipeline


The following abstract provides a brief description of the Al Ghubrah Project with information regarding installation of Large Diameter Marine Intake and Outfall Pipelines, especially regarding the typical work phases: Survey, Design and Construction.

The Al Ghubrah Desalination Project is formed under the Independent Water Project Scheme in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. The project is sponsored by Muscat City Desalination Company SAOC (MCDC); contracted to the joint venture M/s International Water Treatment Co LLC (formed by WABAG, CADAGUA, & GALFAR). The project is located approximately 20 Kms on the eastern side of Muscat city. The Intake and Outfall Pipelines are produced locally as solid wall Krah-Pipes at United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing Co LLC based in Rusyal Industrial Estate, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

The project highlights are as follows:

1 Seawater
1700mm ID
PN 6
1600 m 2 Pneumatic pressure testing (0.2 bar) after
launching in sea
Fitted with pig entry and exit elbow for
cleaning based on hydraulic performance of
pipe during its operation
2 Seawater
1900mm ID
PN 6
1100 m 1 -
1 Chlorination
110mm OD
PN 16
1600 m 2 Installed parallel to intake pipeline
1 Air Bust
200mm OD
PN 16
1600 m 2

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Rules and Standards for large diameter plastic pipes

In the following abstract an overview is given about the basic rules and standards for large diameter plastic pipes. The main focus made from German/European view on the thermoplastic pipe materials Polyethylene and Polypropylene.

In the list the standards are marked according their relation to:

  • General
  • Polyethylene / Polypropylene
  • Raw material properties
  • Pipes
  • Fittings, Assemblies
  • Manholes
  • Jointing

It is of prime importance for the industry to be geared to the established standards. Without adequate standards there would be no orientation on the free market. This concerns designer, planer, fabricators, operator, testing institutes as well as the manufacturers and his quality management. Of course this does apply also for large diameter thermoplastic pipes. Especially, because thermoplastic materials are with around 70 years of experience still a young material group, which results in immense drive and innovation. In the standardization of plastic pipes there are many national activities, whereas the pursuit of transparency slowly brings unification of technical standards.

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5th Krah Community Meeting has been a complete success


From 3 to 6 June 2014 the 5. Krah Community Meeting (KCM) took place. The group of 30 participants, consisting of customers, potential parties, external technical consultants and Krah employees met in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in order to discuss about new projects and developments. In total 12 different nationalities were present.

Beside reports on experiences from long-term members like Krah Misr / Egypt or ForbesGroup / UK the company HENZE GmbH could present itself as new member of the Krah Community. Another thematic highlight of the conference was the introduction of software solutions for production planning and production analysis.

The business days has been eased up with a perfect organized programm at the end of conference days. During a guided tour through th old town or an excursion to the island Naissaare, all participants got the chance to receive an short but inspiring impression of Estonias capital.

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Krah loves Culture - The Curse of Solaris

Krah Pipes OÜ was approached by people from Von Krahl theatre in Tallinn ( They had seen our pipes & products in various strange applications and asked whether we can help them with s futuristic setup for a play called "The Curse of Solaris". In cooperation with the theater´s people necessary "products" were chosen & produced. Among just pipe segments also some futuristic chairs and even high heels were produced. The play was performed during the month of June and received high marks from the critics. I had a chance to visit the premier of the play and I have to admit - it just was very good. Really hard to put it into the words as it did not resemble anything I had seen so far in my life.

Next projects are already in preparation....

Curse of Solaris Picture Curse of Solaris Picture Curse of Solaris Picture

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