Krah Pipes – powerful partners with powerful knowledge

Krah is producing and developing since 1968 helical extrusion technology for production of large diameter pipes between DN ID 300 up to DN ID 5000 mm and is the most experienced company in large diameter plastic pipe application. 

After decades of worldwide successful projects and continuously growth in the business, the purpose of forming a further company was necessary to provide engineering services and solutions in large diameter plastic pipe application.
The Management of the Krah Pipe production technology in Germany has formed the Krah Pipes GmbH & Co. KG Company 2016, to meet the needs and widen the services to the customers who are producing large diameter plastic pipes or involved in such large diameter pipe projects.
What drives us forward as a competence and technology owner in the field of large diameter plastic pipes is our passion to support customers with KRAH Know-how for successful milestone projects. In addition to the permanent solution that lasts through generations, Krah Pipes is able to provide everlasting and economic solutions in wide ranging fields of applications as for example drain, storm drain and sewer systems as well as off shore applications, manholes and tanks.
Especially large diameter off shore applications like intake and outfall pipelines is creating a huge engineering challenge to the pipe manufacturers and contractors. For the construction and operation of such pipelines Krah Pipes offers considerable advantages, such as flexibility of the pipeline and therefore optimum adaptation to the area, low weight, secure and strong jointing technology and seawater resistance.
Krah Pipes is providing a detailed engineered and cost optimized solution for the off shore (intake and outfall) pipeline projects, beginning from the planning phase until execution and finalizing of the off shore project.

Scope of services:
Pipeline design and project development
Large diameter pipe projects are often major projects where an exact planning process is necessary to avoid project fails. Krah Pipes is offering planning of pipeline designs and development of special required solutions. Therefore it’s necessary to compare all installation conditions and scenarios to calculate an exact design of the pipe system to meet the project requirements and optimize the project costs.

Technical presentations
Large diameter plastic pipe applications are often a huge challenge for the contractors and involved parties. Due to the dimensions, fails are committed to huge costs and further consequences. To avoid fails, Krah Pipes specialists will make technical presentations under the consideration of the project requirements to the contractors and involved parties. Appropriate topics of each project phase can be discussed and clarified if necessary.

Supply of pipe system parts (Flange, Branches, Reduction etc.)
Krah Pipes is also a supplier of special fabricated parts which are complimentary in the large diameter pipe system. Special fabricated parts for large diameter pipe system like flanges, branches, fittings or reductions can be designed, produced and supplied by Krah Pipes.

Project supervision
As a matter of fact, large diameter pipe application with the required dimensions and connections is produced and installed by countable companies worldwide. The experience, international network and Krah know-how of Krah Pipes are implemented by contractors to their project activities. During the planning process and under the consideration of the installation conditions, different scenarios will calculate and compared where the most cost optimized options will presented to the contractors. Krah Pipes engineers are the most experienced long term staff in abroad project supervision services and are assuring successful and cost optimized project progress.

Jointing and welding services
According to the project requirements the connection technology for the purposed application must be clarified in advance. Krah Pipes application engineers calculate with the finite element method (FEM), the execution parameters of the required welding according DVS standards. Especially for special applications in off shore applications like intake and outfall, exact designed welding methods are necessary, which is designed and developed by Krah Pipes through the long years in off shore application experience.

Quality audit for Pipe manufacturers

The quality audit for pipe manufacturers has two goals which serve the same purpose: Improving quality, consistency and reliability in operations. The Krah Quality assurance is manifested in the Krah Quality Certificate procedures through a number of operational policies and processes. Krah Pipes engineers are able to identify errors in the manufacturing or operation process and present opportunities to ensure consistent quality. A high level of quality performance of the manufacturer will be achieved through the Krah Pipes quality audit services.

Only Krah Quality Certificate owners are keeping the minimum German Quality requirements of developments in the Krah Technology and fulfil the required quality aspects of Krah.
Krah Pipes are committed to long term and strong relationships with customers. Therefore the Krah Community was established in the year 2000 with annual meetings in different countries of our customers. Under the topic of “Large diameter pipe production and application technologies”, various project solutions, technical developments and special achievements will be presented and discussed. The large pool of experience in large diameter pipe projects is offering an exclusive service to our customers throughout the whole project.
Krah Pipes is a strong partner with continuous support, advices and actions.