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The KR Series is designed to produce pipes, fittings and manholes in diameters ranging from DN/ID 300 mm to DN/ID 5000 mm in the most economical and eco-friendly way. The pipes can be produced in lengths from 1m up to 6m and on special request even longer. The main applications for the final profiled pipe products are non-pressure applications like drain, storm drain, sewer piping systems and storage tanks as well as low-pressure applications like irrigation systems. The actual output on a KR800-max is approximately 1.500 kg/hr for a pipe DN/ID1000, PE100, with SN8 (according to ISO9969). The great advantage of the development is that a profiled pipe has a very low weight, but at the same time can be used for high load applications. A lot less material is needed to produce a pipe with the same structural properties than a solid wall pipe, which means significant savings in material costs.
Every pipe is produced with an integrated socket and spigot.

Main Features:

Application : Drainage systems
Industrial pipes
Irrigation systems
Non- & low-pressure
Outfall pipes
Sewage systems
Storm drain
Material : Polyethylene:
PE 80, PE 100, PE with CaCo3
Output : up to 1.500 kg/h , according to DIN 16961 and EN 13476 all stiffness classes up to SN 16 (ISO9969)
Pipe diameter : DN/ID 300 mm up to DN/ID 5000 mm, acc. to metric system, in steps of 100 mm
Pipe length : 1 - 6 meters, with integrated socket and spigot (special length on request)
Place requirement : 20 x 30 meters
Standards : ISO 21138
DIN 16961
DIN 16917
EN 13476
NBR 7373
JIS K 6780
Technology : Krah Helical Extrusion