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The KDR Production Line is designed and developed to produce pipes, fittings and manholes of:

  • Glassfibre reinforced polyethylene (PE-GF)
  • Polyethylene/polypropylene with filler material
  • Virgin polyethylene or polypropylene

The production method works by compounding in line during pipe production. All dimensions from DN ID 300 mm up to DN ID 5000 mm can be produced in a length up to 6 meter. The glassfibre reinforced polyethylene pipes are mainly used for pressure pipe application and pipe jacking. The  Compounds with filler material are used to increase the stiffness significantly for buried pipe application. Production line can be equipped for solid wall production only as also for profiled wall structure pipes.

The main advantage is the reduced wall thickness for pressure pipe applications up to 40% and the material stiffness for buried pipe applications can be increased up to 200%. As a result a huge efficiency in production costs can be achieved.

Main Features:

Application  : Pressure Pipes
Jacking Pipes
high stiff pipe systems for gravity pipes 
Material : Polyethylene:
PE 80, PE 100, PE + Glassfibre, CaCo3 or other filler material
Output : 800 kg/hour with PE-GF (Polyethylene with Glass Fibre)
1000 kg/hour with PE (Polyethylene)
Pipe diameters : 300mm - 5000 mm
Pipe length : up to 6 meter
Place requirement : 20 x 30 meter
Standards : ASTM F2720

DIN SPEC 19674-1
DIN SPEC 19674-2
and for gravity/low-pressure
DIN 16917
DIN 16961
EN 13476
ISO 21138
JIS K 6780
NBR 7373

Technology : Krah Comtruder Technology