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Testing of HDPE-Manholes for fire hazard

Ministry of works - Bahrain


Manholes made of Polyethylene have been used successfully for more than 40 years Worldwide. It is a growing market and the advantages of manholes made of thermoplastic materials are well known:

  • No leakages
  • Easy handling
  • Low weight
  • Durability > 50 years
  • Impact resistance
  • Flexibility
  • High Strength
  • Tailor-made design for any load case
  • Easily Fabricated – important for future connections

In this case, the Ministry of Works – Bahrain had reservations concerning the possible flammability of the HDPE manholes during and after installation. These reservations had to be answered clearly and without any remaining doubt!

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100 Years life expectancy for Polyolefin pipes

Polyolefin sewer pipe systems have a service lifetime expectancy of at least 100 years.' This is the conclusion of a recent two-year project commissioned by TEPPFA and independently scrutinised by Professor Heinz Dragaun from the Technical School for higher education (TGM) in Vienna. The project involved the excavation of many samples from in-service pipe networks that were tested and assessed under meticulous laboratory conditions. The results of the analysis and findings of this work are expected to favourably influence those sewer operators faced with major capital investment in new or replacement networks.

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Estonian mobile bomb shelter can withstand NATO calibre shelling

All that emerges from the ground is a yellow tube, but it is no ordinary plastic pipe. It can withstand NATOcalibre shelling and hold up to 12 people in temperatures ranging from -50 ˚C to +80˚C.

Dubbed the Sub Safe U1, the Estonian-built bomb shelter is made of plastic to render it both portable and waterproof. A fact which Terramil, the company that manufactures it, says makes it unique in the world and it can be assembled in a rush.

The shelter is about six meters long and weighs around two tons. Terramil representatives note that it can be installed using a simple digger. The company says if it is placed up to 50 metres underground it could even withstand a nuclear attack, although that has yet to be proved.

The unit has been tested by the University of Tartu as well as by US NATO forces currently on a training mission to the country.

“We have tested it now against a range of different weapons and as you can see there is no damage here,” noted Kirtsi. “We have measuring equipment inside here to measure the pressure, vibration, sound levels, everything like this that can be dangerous for people inside. And again we have had no damage to the shelter so far.”

The units can even be connected together to create an underground city, but the room without a view comes with a price tag of 18,000 euros for a simple 12 bunk model.

Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India and Egypt have already expressed interest in buying the modules.


(DE) Rohrleitungsbau in riesigen Dimensionen zur Aufbereitung von Flusswasser in Argentinien

 "bbr, November 2014 (German)

Um der unzulänglichen Trinkwasserversorgung vor allem im Ballungsraum Buenos Aires entgegenzuwirken, hat die argentinische Regierung das Großprojekt „Planta Potabilizadora Juan Manuel de Rosas“ ins Leben gerufen. Vorgesehen ist, das Wasser zweier Flüsse in ein Wasseraufbereitungswerk im Norden der Stadt zu befördern. Die Anlage soll durch die neuen Anschlüsse frisches Trinkwasser für zwei Millionen Einwohner zur Verfügung stellen können. Beschrieben wird der Projektabschnitt des Zulaufflusses Paranà de las Palmas – die Leitungen wurden in der außergewöhnlichen Rohrdimension DN/ID 3600 ausgeführt.

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The New KR800 - next generation!

The last major development of our production line was four years ago, when we changed from KR700 to KR750. This year (2014) after a long time of small improvements and complete new developments, we have finally completed our new generation of our KR-serie – the "KR800". The first machine of this new line is shipped to our customer in Poland to conquer the market in East Europe. We are convinced this machine will be only the beginning of a new successful generation of production lines for spiral pipes.

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