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Krah is now the official partner of Korah lil Gira

korahlilgiraKorah lil Gira is a non-profit startup project in Cairo, Egypt, which offers football trainings to children of different social classes. Team spirit, Tolerance and Friendship above financial backgrounds are the essential values which the project promotes. The project was founded in November 2013 during a workshop held by the Viadrina School of Governance. Krah supports the start-up with a web-designer and a programmer. They help creating an official homepage and developing an individual logo. Krah AG thus supports social sportive friendship of the next generation in Egypt and helps strengthening the network of arab-german young professionals.

Although the website is still in process you can visit it and learn more about the project Krah supports! Maybe you are interested in becoming a supporter yourself?

Butt-Fusion of PE-GF


Since some years helical extruded pipes made of PE-GF are used in the market for pressure application.
Worldwide many projects have been realized in various diameters and for pressure applications up to 16 bar. The pipes are produced by the Krah Comtruder®-Technology, what guarantees a homogenously distribution of the chopped glass-fibers and the coupling-agent in the polyethylene-matrix. The international available standards for pipes DN/ID 400 until DN/ID 4000 are ASTM F 2720/ASTM 2720M, DIN SPEC 19674 and ISO/CD 29561 is still in process.
Mostly used in the market is the PE-GF 200 with a MRS-class 20 MPa, based on 20 % Glass Fibers, 2 % Coupling agent and 78 % polyethylene matrix of PE 100.
Joining of this kind of pipes is done either by the typical Krah-Electrofusion-Technology or by Butt-Fusion.

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30 % less Energy Consumption...

 ... was not the only reason for the English Polypipe Group to purchase the Krah Compounder Concept. 

Since many years Krah is with the ComTruder® involved in the inline compounding technology.
Until today the system was used to produce and to extrude a compound based on PE/PP with glass-fiber or Calcium Carbonate as a part of the spiral pipe production machines KDR700 and DR700.

For Polypipe now Krah developed a standalone compounder to produce Polyethylene Pellets, filled with Calcium carbonate (30%). The standalone compounder, called Comtruder®, has an output of 700 kg/hr. The pellets are produced by an underwater pelletizer, what is flanged directly to the comtruder.

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Vulnerability in materials in sewage systems

This essay focuses on three central questions:

  1. What are the most common damages happening to pipes in waste water systems?
  2. By which factors are such damages caused?
  3. Which material is especially weak or strong in resistance against certain damages?

The advantages of pipe-materials and the needs of a proper sewage system are well known. Less highlighted are usually the disadvantages of materials or the most frequent damages occurring. This overview shall present these in three pinpointed questions and answers.

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