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PROFITank - Calculation Software for thermoplastic tanks

PROFITank - Static Design Software for vertically installed thermoplastic tanks

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For the static calculation and design of cylindrical plastic tanks a software solution should be used.
Only with software-solutions an optimization of the needed wall thicknesses, diameters and design solutions can be done. Also the weight and the costs can be optimized and minimized without losing safety!
Especially if external loads, like wind, snow, earthquakes or static loads by attachments have to be considered, the manual design becomes very complex and needs a lot of time.
Plaspitec is preparing a new software for static design of thermoplastic cylindrical tanks.
In strong relation to a very experienced and already since several years existing German software solution, PROFITank will be officially published for the international market in the beginning of 2016.
PROFITank - Calculated storage tank

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The HAS-System - innovative fitting welding system

The HAS-System - An innovative fitting welding system

Since 2015 the company Henze is part of the Krah group. At this year’s Krah Community Meeting the new generation of the HAS fitting welding system was presented by Henze.

The HAS-Fitting is:

• suitable for branches at all kinds of helically wound pipes.
• suitable for branches at direct extruded pipes too.
• available from OD 125 mm until OD 225 mm
• easy and quick to assemble
• especially designed for requirements of sewer pipe systems.
• available in polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylene (PP)
• same durability as the main pipe system

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Waste water heat recovery

Heating, cooling and energy saving with helically wound pipes (Energy from wastewater and warmed up soil)

There is a new market in the energy sector for manufacturers of helically wound pipes. Besides the classic diversion of wastewater, you can now also recover the wastewater’s energy with helically wound pipes. The wastewater and the pipe surrounded warmed up soil are a huge useful source of heat. The available support hoses around the helically wound pipes form a huge heat exchanger. Due to a heat transfer medium (brine or water) that flows through the support hoses, you can withdraw the heat energy from the wastewater and soil or you can store redundant heat energy ,that is being left over from building cooling, in the soil.

Waste water heat recovery

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