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Krah Pipes - Protecting life!

Krah pipes – protecting life!

Krah Pipes OÜ in Estonia has always been keen on developing out of the box solutions and thus opening new fields of application for the Krah pipes. No one imagined that a product, developed few years back together with another Estonian company Vesimentor OÜ, would lead the way into a completely new segment for the industry. In 2012 Vesimentor OÜ approached Krah with an idea to produce underground cellars for food & wine storage. The product was released to the market and successfully sold over the years by Vesimentor OÜ.

Sometimes it happens that a completely random event can start a process of development one just cannot expet. At a meeting during one industry fair a random question was asked. And after a short consideration of possibilities the answer was – yes. This was the start of a completely new product – a bomb shelter. A design that is meant to be completely different from the conventional options. A bomb shelter that is:

  • Completely water tight
  • Has a small weight
  • Mobile
  • Can be installed really fast
  • Can be relocated after usage
  • Is repeatedly usable
  • Has vast number of options when compiling the shelter system

The first of the shelters was manufactured for testing purposes in 2014 and during the year many different test were carried out. Amongs them distant shooting with 155mm howitzers, short range bombardment with 81mm mortars, locally planted shells (up to 120mm) and explosives (up to 54kg). During the military exercises also 500lb aviation bombs dropped and the shelter was used as a target for the practice. The shelter was equipped with analyzers for pressure, sound and vibration during the testing and the results recorder in order to understand the effect of the explosions to the people inside.

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Comtruder GmbH

Energy savings up to 33% - New innovation in the compounding technology!

In September 2016 the Comtruder GmbH, based in Schutzbach, Germany, put the first compounder “ECO 800” in operation.

The Comtruder GmbH is a successful start-up business in the field of plastic technology and mechanical engineering. The CEO Ms. Lelde Muizniece is looking forward to a bright future for the company. The company will compound various plastic materials as well as sell compounding plants worldwide. First international contacts have already been made.

Lelde Muizniece

The new technology shows significant savings in the energy-sector. Recently produced compounds show an energy saving of more than 30%. The energy input is displayed on the screen of the machine so that it can be continuously monitored and serve as a reliable proof.

The technology is legally protected by its patent application “DE 10 2015 014 865.6 Mehrwellige kontinuierlich arbeitende Misch- und Knetmaschine” and can only be used and sold by the Comtruder GmbH.

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Sea outfall project in Stockholm, Sweden

Sea Outfall project in diameter DN/ID3400mm and DN/ID1400mm for a power plant in Stockholm, Sweden

For a power plant in the capitol of Sweden a sea-outfall pipe was planned originally in concrete. The construction-site is located directly at the ferry-harbour in Stockholm.

Because of the impressive product-properties and the professional design the German Henze GmbH convinced the client to use a helical extruded polyethylene pipe with the diameter DN/ID 3400 mm. As part of the overall project also a provisional pipeline DN/ID 1400 mm was necessary for crossing a brackish water basin.

The DN/ID 3400 mm pipes are designed with a strong solid wall part and a reinforced profiled wall structure, so that the total wall thickness reached 180 mm and the outer diameter was ca. 3760 mm. The profiled wall is specially designed for filling with concrete during installation at site. The additional ballast ensures that the pipe-system can be launched and submerged in a safe and easy way. Also the DN/ID 1400 mm pipes are designed similar to a wall structure - with a strong solid wall part and a reinforced profiled wall structure.  

The complete project covers around 135 m of DN/ID 3400 mm pipe and furthermore 100 m of DN/ID 1400 mm.

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Krah Pipes Manila - Groundbreaking Ceremony

Krah Pipes Manila, Inc. (KPMI) Holds Groundbreaking Ceremonies for new manufacturing plant in Dasmariñas, Cavite

Nobu Kotake and Alexander Krah at Krah Pipes Manila groundbreaking ceremony

The newly established HDPE pipe manufacturer in the Philippines officially broke ground on its new 2022 square meter production plant at a ceremony on Tuesday,July 5, 8:00 AM. This event was held at First Cavite Industrial Estate in Dasmarinas, Cavite graced by the presence of the shareholders and representatives. The FCIE State Manager, Mr. Rufino Manlayaon has expressed his full cooperation and support to the establishment of KPMI plant by this year. The President of KPMI, Mr. Nobukazu Kotake, German Partner, Mr. Alexander Krah, and one of the respected directors, Mr. Sajid Anonuevo took part in the ceremony. Friends from the political and industrial sector were present as well to support the new endeavor.

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