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A new profile measuring device

No.: BS/561.0/017/000

This little tool will help the QC of the company to measure quickly and statistically correct the distance of profiles. This tool can be used during the production, thanks to the rollers, and also for a final product control. The gauge will show directly the correct value when three profiles are being measured. So no additional calculation is needed and no "guessing" of the middle of the profile. The rollers at the measurement tools allow an easy and safe measurement during the production, while the mandrel is rotating and the material is hot, but also after the pipe has been cooled down, it can be carried out.


measuring of profile  measurin distance  scale measuring device


Encouraging young talent

 "In which countries do you work?" "How large is the biggest pipe you can make on the machine?" "What can flow through it?"

The Krah employees willingly answered various questions from a class of young people when they visited the headquarters in Schutzbach.

One entire morning, a technical school had the opportunity to get to know all the machine production runs. Since a machine was fortunately ready at the time of the visit,
the pupils were able to experience a plant in production. We hope that we will be able to make new specialists want to join our team and our business...

 pupils at krah   pupils visiting machine


Krah anniversary - let's dance on the bench!

group picture


How do you celebrate a 50th anniversary appropriately? What´s better than with a tradition that has proven itself even longer... for exactly 208 years. Instead of an in-house party, we organized a company trip to the Oktoberfest in Munich, an event that is known and loved all over the world and that has now even many international imitators.

For the 7-hour drive from the company to Munich we rented a spacious bus, to be able to store the obligatory luggage: because in order to visit the Oktoberfest traditional clothing must not be missing. Even if the dress code is not an obligation to visit the tents - in fact, no Munich citizen would appear at the Oktoberfest without the traditional outfit.

So what did we have in our luggage? Men wear leather trousers and the ladies dress up with a dirndl. The right footwear is very important for a nice Wiesn experience. The area around the biggest folk festival is otherwise quickly a stumbling block. Also with the extensive dancing on the benches (dancing on the tables is taboo) heels are rather unfavorable. And one thing is for sure: Hardly anyone leaves the tents without having danced at least once on the bench... :)

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Introducing... "Hussi" - Mr. Hussein Tahmaz

Permanent grin or deep growl - our new colleague Hussein Tahmaz - called “HUSSI” is perfect in both disciplines :) Soft skills that will certainly be of use to him in his new challenges at Krah company...

The former industrial engineering student has been supporting the Krah sales team since 3rd October. He speaks 4 languages, German and Arabic as his mother tongue as well as English and Spanish fluently. Many Krah customers will soon get to know Hussein personally, as there will be a lot of travelling to do in the near future. In November he will visit our partner Krah Pipes Estonia to get to know a Krah pipe production plant and the actual production process in detail.

hussein portrait    hussein office    hussein colleague


"I am looking forward to finally getting involved myself and becoming more familiar with the Krah Pipes. Only in this way can I understand any questions and difficulties that may arise." - Hussein Tahmaz

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Krah Marine Pipes

Today it is still a reality that, despite the continuous developments in the technology of tangential extrusion on mandrels, some clients, engineers and contractors tend to prefer axially (conventional) extruded, solid wall PE pipes for the marine projects. They are probably not aware, that Krah can present many global successful projects where Krah Marine Pipes (KMP) have been used.

kmp outfall pipeline
KMP - Outfall pipeline DN/ID 3400 mm

We carried out marine projects for desalination plants, power plants, sewage treatment plants and other intake/outlet pipelines. Here we used Krah Marine Pipes with a structured wall and with a solid (pressure) wall.

Obviously, nothing speaks against solid wall conventional axially extruded pipes, which have been familiar for many years –  as they were the state of art for many years. “Familiarity” means that, in general, no big effort is needed for the design and installation of this well-known “stuff”.

But unfortunately still until today, we,“Krah Pipe Producers, worldwide” need to convince engineers that our pipes are suitable for this application. Especially on the cost point of view we are a very attractive solution – not only for the pipe, but for the complete project including ballasting and sinking. So, we must improve our marketing and technical documentation to move from a niche market-player to a main player.

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