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Krah Pipes in Pampanga

installation by krah teamThe Krah team installing the pipeline

Krah Pipes Manila, Inc. has again made a landmark accomplishment in the installation of a DN/ID 1500mm diameter pipe for its client, SM Telabastagan, Pampanga.

The project which Krah Pipes Manila Inc was able to forge is basically a 24 meter distance of cross drain pipes which ran across a major road, MacArthur Highway considered a very busy road within Fernando City, Pampanga. The 24-meter distance or length is practically 4 pieces of 1500mm diameter Krah Pipes. It was a quick overnight process of installation where the excavation of the trench took only 4 hours and 3 hours for the jointing of 4 pieces of pipes (at 6 meters in length per pipe) and laying them down the trench after which the excavated area was immediately back filled making the road ready for the passage of the various vehicles and motorists the following day. The works conducted did not cause disruption and inconvenience to the public.

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Introducing Jeneleen Lansangan

Underground water conduit to be reconstructed
Jeneleen Lansangan
Welding of CORSYS PLUS DN/ID 2000 mm from inside using two welding units

Krah Pipes Manila, Inc. (KPMI) is one of the latest extension and additional part of Krah community in South - East Asia, particularly in the country with 7,107 islands and known as the pearl of the orient, the Philippines.

KPMI was listed in the Philippine’s directory of corporations last September 2015 and opened its plant doors last May 2017. In between those years, the first ever employee of Krah Pipes Manila joined the team. KPMI’s first employee is Miss Jeneleen Lansangan, we like to call her Jen. At the age of 25, she joined KPMI as Mr. Alexander Krah’s executive assistant in April 2016. She graduated and passed the local licensure exam for Civil Engineering and was able to help out in the supervision of KPMI’s plant construction which started in October 2015.

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Krah Pipes in exposed conditions

Krah pipes, made of Polyethylene PE100 in typical black colour, provide a perfect weather and UV resistance. If a Polyethylene pipeline is planned for an application in exposed conditions the external loads and influences have to be considered for the design.

Typical applications are:
• Mining industry
• Sewage and water pipelines
• Hydropower plants (headrace, penstock)
• Industrial applications

For exposed installations we mainly differ between industrial pipelines installed in clamps and free installed pipelines on the ground. In the following abstract we concentrate on free installed pipelines under exposed conditions. Often we receive inquiries regarding the planning of Polyethylene pipes for such exposed conditions. People ask for installation rules and what has to be considered in general.

Krah double wallTypical Krah profile for double wall pipes

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Sewage and stormwater network

Overview of Furniture cityOverview of “Furniture city”

Damietta Furniture City was established with an authorized capital that reaches 5 billion Egyptian Pounds, with a 521 million Egyptian Pound capital value and a 100% Egyptian capital contribution.

Data of sewage and stormwater network:
Network length: 4500 m
Manholes number: 620 Manholes
House connections: 180 (Inspection chamber)
Pipe diamters: 180 up to 1000mm
Installation depth: until 7 m
Pipe stiffness [SN]: 8 KN/m²
Manhole stiffness [SN]: 8 KN/m² 

An industrial area built on 331 acres, to establish furniture industries of different size and complementary industries and provide the infrastructure, services and facilities needed by those industries.
1500 small and medium workshops of 50 to 150 meters with about 150 large and complete factories, besides the establishment of the furniture technology centre in Damietta.

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Visiting a Krah Pipes Producer in Egypt

peter companyEntrance building of Krah Misr. The total production area has 10.000 m²

Every now and then Krah Group employees visit different Krah Pipes production plants. In April 2018 Alexander Krah went to visit the factory Krah Misr in Egypt.
Having arrived in Cairo he is warmly welcomed by the owners at the airport. The owners and managing directors are the two brothers Peter and George Yussuf Sadek.

Peter and George Yussef SadekPeter and George Yussef Sadek

The two brothers have been producing Krah Pipes for almost 10 years. Since the political changes in Egypt during these years, the factory was able to produce and sell large pipe systems successfully.
From the airport the group went straight to the production plant, where in a very modern and big office the two brothers held a company presentation. They showed how the company has been growing since 1975 – it was very impressive and inspirational to see how proud the two brothers were of what they had achieved. The whole production plant is in a very neat and maintained condition and the products (pipes, manholes, fittings and tanks) correspond to the international quality standards. Later this afternoon Alexander had the possibility to talk to Peter privately regarding several topics in a nice club-house.

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