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Relining with large diameter Polyethylene Pipes

Damaged and leaky pipes out of concrete, GRP, steel, ductile iron can be relined and renovated with Profiled Polyethylene Pipes in almost every diameter. Here, the old pipe serves as an empty conduit for the new pipe out of PE and therefore a completely new, self-contained pipe system can be built.
However, the use of profiled pipes especially in big diameters creates new stable pipe systems with a high static load capacity. For the static calculation of the new pipeline two things must be taken into consideration, the installation process and the operating condition of the pipeline. The new system will benefit from the extremely long service life of polyethylene pipes (> 100 years).

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Mickey - Composite profiles


Calculation of the center of gravity (e) and moment of inertia (Ix / Jx)


Basic explanation:
Topic: Calculating the moment of inertia of the following object.



The Object has a fixed defined size and exist out of 18 squares with a side length of “a”. It is a complex objects and has a complex geometry. We can reduce the complex geometry to 4 basic rectangular objects.

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Elastomeric Joints for Polypipe


Trelleborg Forsheda Pipe Seals have proudly supplied elastomeric seals for pipe joints to Polypipe in the UK and Irish markets for more than 10 years.  From EN 1401 pipes through to Ridgidrain and structured wall pipes up to DN 1050mm. 


We were therefore very pleased when Polypipe became the Krah licensee for the UK and Ireland and asked us to help to develop a ‘push fit’ rubber jointing system for their DN750, 900 1050 & 1200mm Krah pipes.  We had previously been involved with other Krah Licensees in Estonia, Italy, Mexico and the US so the Krah pipe technology was not new to us but ensuring a robust joint to meet the demands of EN 1277 is never an easy task. 

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