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ATV A127 Standard vs. AWWA M55 manual


Main Differences in the Static Calculation Methodology for Flexible Pipes


The purpose of this article is to set up the main differences between two popular methods worldwide for performing static verifications of HDPE flexible pipes, i.e. between the method given by the ATV A127 standard ("Guidelines for Static Calculations on Drainage Conduits and Pipelines") and the method established by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) more specifically in its manual M55 ("PE Pipe Design and Installation").

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Storage tanks and special apparatus

Tanks for storage of liquids are required in all areas of public life. Constructions made of thermoplastic plastics are playing a decisive role on this. Beginning with the traditional bucket, which are belonging to our lives since the earliest initiations of plastics technology, up to the 100 m³ storage tank for chemicals and hazardous liquids – there is no way of avoiding constructions made of polyethylene and polypropylene today. Particularly if the cylinder barrel is made of helical extruded pipes, the flexible wall construction (profiled wall structure, multi layer, etc), which comes along with the manufacturing method, in connection with new generations of raw material, continuously opens up new possibilities of solution for the construction of tanks. Thereby new possibilities to connect stability, resistance, long-life cycle and chemical resistivity as well as cost-effectiveness are established. This makes it possible to incorporate them suggestively into construction.

A multitude of tanks is engineered in vertical form. The bottom construction is carried out as flat, beveled or conical bottom. The roof construction in turn can be engineered open – with or without reinforced edges, with cone-type roof or with flat roof.

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Krah AG re-structured range of products

From now on the German Krah AG re-structures its complete range of products. The goal is to offer project-based high-performance machines up to complete pipe work, besides a universal discounted entry-level machine (especially suited for emerging markets) - All from one source and modular extendable.

The principle: Start small, without ruining the future. The new complete product catalog incl. new prices will be available in January 2012.          

As of 01/01/2012 Krah AG passes the complete spare parts business (incl. sales of equipment for Krah pipe systems) to the KHB GmbH in Cologne. The external process will accelerate the procurement of spare parts and lower selling prices, so that maintenance can be done in due time at the customer's schedule. Overall, potential downtime can be reduced or even avoided. 

All previous contacts at Krah AG will persist.


If you have any questions please contact

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Mandrel anniversary: 750th production tool finished


Alexander Krah, CEO presenting his 750th production tool

On 28th November 2011 the 750th production tool for large-diameter pipe production will be finished in the halls of Krah AG / Schutzbach. “The "Anniversary mandrel," will be sent to a customer in Africa”, said CEO Alexander Krah.          

All mandrels (300 – 4000 mm DN/ID) are precision-made for the winding Krah pipe systems and provide the customer maximum flexibility in the manufacturing of pipes of different diameters by its quick and easy interchangeability.         

As a further highlight the Krah AG installed now the latest investments in the mandrel production field.

As of 01.01.2012 all Krah customers can take advantage of this, because the mandrels can be offered cheaper by about 20%!

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