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New world record by Krah technology

PE 100, DN/ID 3600 mm, SDR 17 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alexander Krah (Dipl.-Kfm.), Krah AG, CEO
Ralf Schnitzler (Dipl.-Ing.), Krah AG, Business Development Director

1. Preface

Water distribution and water usage have been in the focus of the authorities and the civil society of Argentina for many years. From an infrastructural point of view this issue raises complex problems, which have emerged through several changes between privatization and communization over several decades. The incomplete supply of numerous households with fresh drinking water such as safe sewage water connections are obvious results of these which need to be faced and solved. To address these shortcomings, especially in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, the Argentine government has launched the major project: Planta Potabilizadora Juan Manuel de Rosas.

Within this major project, river water is taken out from two rivers and transported into the water treatment plant in the north of Buenos Aires. The treated water will mainly benefit the districts of Tigre, San Fernando, San Isidro, Vicente López and San Martín. The water treatment plant will provide fresh drinking water for two million residents. The river’s name from which the project section we have been working in took its resources is Parana de las Palmas. It is an inlet flow of the great river Rio de la Plata close to Buenos Aires.

Two overviews of water treatment plant in Tigre, Argentina (Aguas del Paraná)Two overviews of water treatment plant in Tigre, Argentina (Aguas del Paraná)

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Krah loves Culture - The Curse of Solaris

Krah Pipes OÜ was approached by people from Von Krahl theatre in Tallinn ( They had seen our pipes & products in various strange applications and asked whether we can help them with s futuristic setup for a play called „The Curse of Solaris“. In cooperation with the theater’s people necessary „products“ were chosen & produced. Among just pipe segments also some futuristic chairs and even high heels were produced. The play was performed during the month of June and received high marks from the critics. I had a chance to visit the premier of the play and I have to admit – it just was very good. Really hard to put it into the words as it did not resemble anything I had seen so far in my life.

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Secret Video of photo shooting for our Krah calendar 2015

During the installation of the largest polyethylene pipe with a solid wall and an integrated electro fusion joint, in the area of Buenos Aires, at the river Rio de la Plata, in Argentina, our team took advantage of the  unique possibility to take some more photos  for the calendar 2015.

This project site was an intake line with a size of DN/ID3600 mm, with a solid wall thickness of 220 mm, jointed by the integrated Krah-Electro fusion joint. The video will prove that the pipe is really so large and that the pictures later in the calendar are not made with photoshop J. A complete report of this project will be published very soon on this homepage and also in our upcoming new Improfile issue.

If you are interested to get one of the new calendars, please send your full name and postal address to the following email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The new calendars will be shipped in December 2014 – so you still have some time.


Polypipe Civils participates in Keyline Rally

polypipe rally

We are proud of supporting our friends from Polypipe Civils to participate in the Keyline Rally.

A total of £2,336.31 could be raised, which will be donated to Prostate Cancer UK. Prostate Cancer UK is the leading UK charity for men with prostate cancer and prostate problems, with your money assisting those affected and allowing vital research to take place.

Polypipe’s Commercial Manager Steve Smith and his co-driver Keyline’s Steve Dewing drove the Mini Convertible ‘Batmobile’ from England to Hamburg, camping and completing tasks on the way in aid of the cause driving through France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Holland and back into France before returning to the UK.

As well as Polypipe participating in the Rally, Directors Glen Sabin, Steve Kite, Andy Cullum and John Moss cycled 300km from Berlin to Hamburg in support of the cause. 
Overall the Rally and cycle ride proved a great success.

Organisational and personnel changes

taremiha alexander

Unfortunately we have to announce that our old friend, representative and member of the board of supervisors, Dr. Mehdi Taremiha, has terminated his representing contract for Iran and has resigned from the board of supervisors with immediate effect due to personal reasons.

He will remain our old friend and we very much regret to terminate the long-term, solid and successful cooperation. We wish him all the best for his future private and business life.

A new board member will be elected during the next General Meeting. Furthermore we are looking for a new representative for Iran.  For the moment please send all enquiries and contacts directly to Krah AG.


CEO, Alexander Krah