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ImProfil of: Stephan Füllgrabe

10 Questions for Stephan Füllgrabe / Plaspitec


10 Questions for…

Stephan Füllgrabe / Plaspitec

  1. Since when do you work for Plaspitec?

    I started in the middle of 2010.

  2. What is your position in the company?

    I am one of the owners and also Managing Director of the company.

  3. What did you do before starting your job at Plaspitec?

    Since almost 20 years I am working for the plastic industry (pipes, fittings, tanks, apparatus etc.)

    I was working 8 years as managing director of the spiral pipe production factory “Frank&Krah” before I founded my own company “Xgenia” and started working with Plaspitec as consultant.

  4. What are the characteristics of the company?

    Experience and Knowledge about plastic and especially Krah pipe technology as the basis!
    We are always endeavored to find the best solution for our customer. We are aware, that the solution for a successful business can be varying in different countries. The solution has to match to culture, infrastructure and to the general expectations.

  5. What is your last development?

    The welding rod production machine W35 for plastic fabricators. Every consumer of welding rod is a potential customer. The cost calculation is very interesting and convincing, especially in case the demand is bigger than 1000 kg per anno.

  6. What is in your opinion, the most valuable competitive advantage of the Krah Production Pipe Technology?

    Flexibility is the most valuable advantage and the key for success. With Krah Technology you are able to react immediately to any change of requirements you face.

  7. How do you see the market for plastic pipes in the next 10 years?

    The pipe market will increase further, even if through the worldwide economically concern we will see partially a decrease of the demand temporary. 3 reasons:

    • Too many areas in the world have still no access to potable water and are not connected to sewer system and water treatment plants.
    • In already industrialized areas the requirements for renewing and renovation of old and damaged pipes are continuously growing – what is a very interesting market for plastic pipe with structured wall (relining).
    • Privatization of water management pushes the attention of the life service time of the installed pipes. Depreciation and maintenance are responsible for almost 50% of the costs for a pipe system. Both factors can be affected by using high quality PEHD with life service time of more than 100 years. But even PP and other thermoplastic materials show a very good durability – specially against concrete, Polycrete, GRP etc.
  8. What do you expect from machine suppliers like Krah in the future?

    Innovative production technologies, developed in cooperation with pipe producers and raw material supplier. The activities of Krah around the new pipe system made of high stiffness polypropylene is a very positive example. In my opinion also the glass fiber technology in combination with thermoplastic materials has much more potential, also for gravity pipes – let us see what Krah will provide us in the next future – I am sure they will present us some nice surprises…


  9. Where do you see yourself/the company in 5 years?

    Increasing worldwide demand of plastic pipes open new chances for consulting and trading every day.

    Plaspitec will extend the product range, especially of welding equipment and accessories for pipe production. Consulting and know how transfer will be still the foundation of the company.

  10. Please tell us more about your current most interesting project.

    The most interesting projects for Plaspitec are at the moment in the Gulf Area and Eastern Europe. To see a factory which is doing well after start up like our customer “United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing, Oman” or “Krah Bahrain, Bahrain” is very satisfying.


Stephan Personal


I have a girlfriend, three brothers and of course one mom and one dad...

In my spare time:

I work in my house and garden. Furthermore I try to spend time in the nature close to my home as much I can. I enjoy jogging in the forest and doing other kind of sports like swimming or riding my bicycle

I am just reading...

a book about renovation and modernization of old houses – important if you own a 60 years old house…

I can laugh about...

situation comedy and sometimes about my self 


My favorite food:

I like Italian food and prefer light meal but a nice steak is always welcome.


My favorite holiday destination:

I am travelling for business a lot, so I am very happy to stay at home or to be at the German Seaside.