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Krah Pipes providing atmosphere


It’s known that Krah pipes create a "good atmosphere" under the ground. But quite recently the drummer guys from Viljandi DrumLab proved something new: Krah pipes also provide a “good atmosphere” above the ground!  With 5 different sized drums (DN/ID 400 – 1200 mm) made of PE pipes, the band warmed up mightily the audience of Viljandi Folk Music Festival.

The PE pipes, produced by Krah Pipes OÜ/Estonia that are generally meant for the transport of sewage, played out this year's motto "Rhythm and Pulse" on their own special kind.



The origin of the project-idea has been described by the band leader Reigo Ahven as follows: „Nobody knows exactly. Usually hold your hats when geniuses meet“.  Geniuses – these are in this case Reigo Ahven (band leader of Viljandi Drum Lab), Aivar Kuusk (event producer, and Peeter Kirtsi (General Manager, Krah Pipes OÜ).  – realization was me and Ahven (btw Ahven means bass the fish)

Since the beginning of 2011 the band performs on the drums, which have some great advantages over conventional ones: They are weatherproof. Usual drums hate the wet and cold. "And they are big and cool," says Reigo Ahven.

Viljandi Viljandi

The band has big plans for the future, so the Folk Music Festival won´t be an exception: The next step is to break the world record by building & playing the biggest drum ever. The happening chosen is Tõrva Loits in the middle of August. This project will also be realized in cooperation with Krah Pipes OÜ. 10 new drums ( DN/ID 400 – 3000 mm) are already in order ....

We are definitely looking forward what´s going to happen and we will let you know...

About the event:
The Viljandi Folk Music Festival is an annual event and it is one of the largest of its kind in the Baltic and Northern countries. On the last weekend of July all the best musicians meet and present their contemporary renditions of traditional music.

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