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Introducing Jeneleen Lansangan

Underground water conduit to be reconstructed
Jeneleen Lansangan
Welding of CORSYS PLUS DN/ID 2000 mm from inside using two welding units

Krah Pipes Manila, Inc. (KPMI) is one of the latest extension and additional part of Krah community in South - East Asia, particularly in the country with 7,107 islands and known as the pearl of the orient, the Philippines.

KPMI was listed in the Philippine’s directory of corporations last September 2015 and opened its plant doors last May 2017. In between those years, the first ever employee of Krah Pipes Manila joined the team. KPMI’s first employee is Miss Jeneleen Lansangan, we like to call her Jen. At the age of 25, she joined KPMI as Mr. Alexander Krah’s executive assistant in April 2016. She graduated and passed the local licensure exam for Civil Engineering and was able to help out in the supervision of KPMI’s plant construction which started in October 2015.

She was able to attend various trainings from the very generous and technically equipped seniors from KHB. She was able to train the basics of Krah product and technology from our very own Mr. Alexander Krah, Mr. Jochen Blickheuser and even with Mr. Stephan Füllgrabe.

As the plant operation started during late June 2017, she was assigned to the technical and sales department. Since the KPMI team started, most of the functions were carried out by Mr. Sajid Anonuevo, the president, Mr. Nobu Kotake, Ms. Sheryll and Jen. She was exposed to procurement of raw materials, PE-HD, and communication to suppliers like Borouge Ltd. and SCG.


Jen (2nd from the left) with her KPMI colleagues
Jen (2nd from the left) with her KPMI colleagues
Fun photoshoot at the KPMI factory
Fun photoshoot at the KPMI factory

Most of the local and various accreditations initiated by KPMI were facilitated by Jen. They are the target clients for KPMI that will pioneer the use of this new and advance technology from Germany.

Through Jen’s assistance, KPMI is now an accredited supplier to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), which is the largest proponent and client on national drainage and sewer systems under the national government. Another is Maynilad Water Services, Inc. which is one of the largest water concessioners in the Philippines. Currently, Jen is assigned to focus on the sales department. She does the product and technology presentation to the different regional offices of DPWH and other private sectors like consultants, contractors and direct consumers. Together with the young and enthusiastic sales team, Mica, Lyntte and Jerrome, Jen is motivated to change the conventional pipe system in the Philippines to the innovative and cost effective Krah pipe technology. Alongside her work, she actively participates in physical activities like mountain climbing and running.

Jeneleen Lansangan
Krah Pipes Manila, Inc.