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The new Krah calendar for 2018

For the first time in the Krah calendar history we were able to shoot the whole calendar in one day.

On the 15th of October at the Frank GmbH facility in Wölfersheim, Germany, the day started very early – the first pictures were taken at 7a.m., the last at 8 p.m. We had great support from the General Managers at Frank, Ms. Heike Frank and Mr. Mark.

Instead of doing the shoot in several companies with different photographers we placed the whole thing into the hands of a professional: Petra Kladivova. Owning a model agency in Czech Republic, she organized the models and the photographer. Having already worked with us for our previous calendar, she knows how to present our pipes and products in the best possible way. The Frank GmbH owns 3 Krah production lines and a large fabrication plant for special components produced out of Krah pipes. The photographer was Pavol Bigos from Pinarto Studio. We used 5 different models to fill 12 months plus a beautiful cover photo. All models came from Petra’s model agency and were highly honoured to be part of this special project. The final result were lots of great pictures, communicating a great feeling with our pipes in the middle, almost becoming side issue… In the first week of December the calendar was sent to our customers around the world.

petra with photographer bigos   cover krah calendar

Find below some interesting background information from the shoot:

Q: Who is Petra?
A: Petra is a name of a historical and archaeological city in southern Jordan. But I am also Petra and I hope I will have a chance to visit this city one day. I am 27 year-old model, business woman, owner of the modeling agency PETRA MODELS, an engineer, racer of Jetsurf, creator, etc. I have many hobbies and do lots of projects. If you would like to know more about me follow me on my Instagram @petrakladivova.

Q: Isn’t it strange for a woman to make a calendar with other beautiful women and pipes ?
A: No, why?  Everybody loves beautiful women, wether you’re a man or woman. If somebody says otherwise they are probably lying. The pipes were very interesting and something new for me. I am very glad I had this experience with the Krah company. If you have a job for a calendar it’s usually with cars, motorbikes etc. That’s a bit boring. Everybody has or saw this type of calendar, but pipes and beautiful women is really originally and I am glad I had this chance, because I saw the calendar and I was shocked about the great calendar we made. The whole team did a very good job. I think everybody should get one on their wall.

Q: Where did you find the professional photographer and the models ?
A: My agency PETRA MODELS has been on the market for almost 6 years now so I have been doing this business for quite a long time and I cooperate with a many professional photographers and models, so it wasn’t hard finding the best photographer for the job because we did a lot of projects together and Pavol Bigos is really, really, one of the best photographers that I had the chance to do business with. Regarding the models, it was very easy finding the best models for the job, because I have a database of 700 model portfolios from all over the world. I can find the perfect fitting model for each project, every client has other wishes.

Q: What else do you / your company do ?
A: My company PETRA MODELS (  does everything about modelling- shoots for calendars, TV commercials, advertisements, billboards, catalogues, internet etc. My company also does a lot of fashion shows, arranges hostesses, models, translators, waitresses for events, exhibitions, competitions, shows, etc. My company organises all those things I just said worldwide. I actually have a lot more more business outside of my country, all over Europa and lot of in the United States as well.