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ImProfil of: Nobu Kotake

Improfil of Nobu Kotake

  1. Nobu, to start with an easy question: You are from Japan. Why did you go to Manila and for how long have you been living there?
    I came to Manila as civil engineer of a Japanese general contractor in 1996. I used to work in Singapore and Malaysia before and of course in Japan as member of Kajima corp.

  2. That sounds interesting. Can you notice any differences in the Philippine business life compared to Japan?
    I can’t notice that much difference between Japan and the Philippines business but people are different. Philippines are more friendly and have more hospitality, but aren’t so punctual.

  3. And what do you think will be challenging in KPM (Krah Pipes Manila) ?
    I want to establish KPM as top company regarding plastic pipes. We have a small demand for large size plastic pipe now. We need to make effort to announce to people.

  4. Are you looking forward to these challenges?
    Yes I want to challenge it strongly. We shall inform merit of Krah pipe to government ,developer, construction company and consultant

  5. How do you see the market in the Philippines and South East Asia?
    Large plastic pipe market could glow. Many people don’t know merit and usage of large plastic pipe. We shall produce demand for large plastic pipe.

  6. In which field of business did you work before?
    In the field of construction in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle-East.

  7. Nice. Have you ever had experience with German business partners before?
    No experience with German business, but I know German product quality is very good

  8. What is your favourite memory during your time with the Krah-Group so far?
    All Krah people are friendly, kind and with some humour. Especially the boss of the Krah family (Mr. Alexander Krah) . I was very happy when I attended last year’s community meeting in Italy.

  9. Yes, our Community Meeting is always something special. As international business partner, what languages do you speak?
    I can only speak Japanese and English. No Philippines language.

  10. That’s great. Now we’ve almost finished our interview. But there is one more question: Out of all the “member countries” of the Krah Community, which one would you like to visit the most? Maybe we can arrange the next Krah Community meeting there.
    Germany of course.

More informations about Nobu Kotake:

- Married with Philippines, 1 cute daughter age 6

In my free time I enjoy...:
- Golf and reading novel

I can laugh about:
- Japanese Rakugo and Alexander Krahs jokes