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PROFITank - Static Design Software for vertically installed thermoplastic tanks

PROFITank - Static Design Software for vertically installed thermoplastic tanks


For the static calculation and design of cylindrical plastic tanks a software solution should be used.
Only with software-solutions an optimization of the needed wall thicknesses, diameters and design solutions can be done. Also the weight and the costs can be optimized and minimized without losing safety!
Especially if external loads, like wind, snow, earthquakes or static loads by attachments have to be considered, the manual design becomes very complex and needs a lot of time.
Plaspitec is preparing a new software for static design of thermoplastic cylindrical tanks.
In strong relation to a very experienced and already since several years existing German software solution, PROFITank will be officially published for the international market in the beginning of 2016.
Features of PROFITank:61

• static calculation is considering the rules and regulations of DVS 2205-2
• For PEHD, PP, PVDF and PVC
• For Vertical Installation
• For Cylinder shell made from bent sheets or from spiral pipes
• Database for multitude chemical liquids acc. Media list DIBt• optimized for KRAH tanks
• Until 14 cylinder tiers                                                                                 
• Consideration of weathering: Wind, Snow, Sun international DIN or EN standards
• Free input of period use (yearly graduated)
• Free input of temperature for medium and environment
• complete static proof and print-out with
  - all equations - detailed way of calculation - sketch
• Optional earthquake proof DIN or EN standards,
  either standardized load or free input data possible
• Upgrade for sloped bottom and conical bottom
  Furthermore Plaspitec provides Training courses + Technical support 24/7

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PROFITank is for tiered cylindrical tanks made of helically extruded pipes (Krah pipes) and for tanks made of fused and bent sheets as well:



      Tiered cylindrical tank made of                                               Cylindrical tank made of
      a helically extruded pipe                                                       fused and bent sheets                                 


Impressions of PROFITank:

Professional Software Solution        64                                                                            
for static calculation and static proof                                                                                       
of vertical installed cylindrical tanks, made of thermoplastic materials:
• Polyethylene (PEHD, PE80, PE100)
• Polypropylene (PP-R, PP-B, PP-H)
• Polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U)
• Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)

Following DVS rules for the static design
resp. the static calculation. Distributed by Plaspitec GmbH:
Visualized material characteristics for strength in relation of temperature and time.

Consideration of welding procedure and welding factor for tank, bottom                   65and roof construction:
• Hot-Gas-Welding (W)
• Extrusion Welding (WE)
• Butt Fusion (HS)

Free input of:
• design-time (e.g. 1…37…43…max 50years)
• design temperature for medium and environment (winter, summer)      



Further consideration of static or changing operating conditions                                 66Input of medium/fluid characteristics:
Either by following the included chemical database for chemical fluids acc. to German
DIBt-listing or free input of fluid characteristics:

• density
• concentration
• reduction-factors etc.



 Possibility for consideration of wind-load acc. International standards                               67(e.g. EN 1991-1) or by free input of max wind-speed





Possibility for consideration of earthquake load acc. International standards                     68(e.g. EN 1998-1) or by free input of horizontal and vertical ground-acceleration




Separate design with visualized sample solutions of:                                                          69

• Lifting Lugs
• Reinforcements
• Rain-collar / ring-plate                                                                                
• Bearing blocks (for horizontal Earthquake loads)                                         











 Finally,after finishing all steps of calculation a complete static proof or a data sheet for construction can be printed for the tank.


 profitank construction sheet


 For any further information please contact us at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at +49 172 6813158
Plaspitec GmbH, Goethestraße 8, 57567 Daaden, Germany