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And the WINNERS are...

Krah Calendar 2014


In the upcoming year, many will be faced with the question: What's this got to do with pipes?

So one or the other may have also marveled at the international plastics trade fair K2013, when he was confronted with the new designs of the Krah Calendar 2014. The answer to the question?

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Estonian Krah Pipes supports Amur tiger


20131023 105937It all started with an idea to arrange a family day in Tallinn Zoo for our collegues and their families. And nobody really expected it to evolve into something as meaningful and profound as starting a sponsorship for one of the Tallinn Zoo Amur tigers named Pootsman.

The Amur tiger (formerly known as the Siberian tiger) is one of the largest cats in the world and is found only in the Russian Far East with a small number ranging across the border into China and possibly North Korea.

The tiger Pootsman was brought to Tallinn from Moscow Zoo at the end of the year 2012. This young male is less than three years of age and he is a very valuable animal for breeding purposes as both his parents are from the wild. 

Amur tigers are one of the larger tiger sub-species.  Average weight for males is 160-190kg, while females are smaller, at 110-130kg.

Amur tiger’s coat colour is a lighter orange compared to other tiger sub-species and it becomes even more evident in winter. The bright coat colour along with the black stripes have a slight resemblance to our pipes’ interior colour and outside structure. Should one search for an animal to be the patron of our company, tiger is the first that leaps into mind.

Amur TigerThe small wild population of Amur tigers has led to them being classified as endangered species and this is mainly the result of human activity. Fortunately the Amur tiger has gained protection and started to recover in numbers due to the intensive conservation efforts.

Starting from October 2013 Krah Pipes OÜ is yet another supporter of the conservation of the Amur tiger.

Cooperation empowers the efforts made and we are proud and honoured to be part of the Amur tiger conservation program.

Amur tiger

Large Outfall Pipeline up to DN/ID 3000 mm, jointed by electro fusion.


New Video in the KRAH AG channel (youtube:

Nice large outfall pipes or intakes pipes are shown in this video, to show that our Krah Large Pipe Technology can be used for these kind of application. All jobs were executed by the Spanish company PPA&Krah (

The video:

The complete video and additional information will be shown at the K2013, hall 16 D77.

To be always up to date subscribe our channel in Youtube.

Meet Kalli


71This is Kalli, Kalli is an engineer at the Krah AG. He is already retired since a few years, but now he came back with his mission to explain Krah technology in a very simple way to nearly everybody. To present and underline his explanations he is using video, so that also everyone else can use his videos through (you can find it on the channel of Krah AG, you just have to subscribe the channel and you will be always up to date for any new videos) in the internet or from the Krah AG home page (

His idea is to make the video in several languages. The first videos, that will explain the Krah Pipe System and the Production Process is available in English and German. Other languages will follow by the end of this year.

Kalli will also be very happy if schools, universities and other authorities will use his videos to bring the Krah technology closer to the people.




Kalli explains "Krah Pipe System"



Kalli explains "Krah Production Process"



 Kalli explica el sistema de tuberias Krah


Kalli explica el proceso de fabricaión Krah