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30 % less Energy Consumption...

 ... was not the only reason for the English Polypipe Group to purchase the Krah Compounder Concept. 

Since many years Krah is with the ComTruder® involved in the inline compounding technology.
Until today the system was used to produce and to extrude a compound based on PE/PP with glass-fiber or Calcium Carbonate as a part of the spiral pipe production machines KDR700 and DR700.

For Polypipe now Krah developed a standalone compounder to produce Polyethylene Pellets, filled with Calcium carbonate (30%). The standalone compounder, called Comtruder®, has an output of 700 kg/hr. The pellets are produced by an underwater pelletizer, what is flanged directly to the comtruder.

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Vulnerability in materials in sewage systems

This essay focuses on three central questions:

  1. What are the most common damages happening to pipes in waste water systems?
  2. By which factors are such damages caused?
  3. Which material is especially weak or strong in resistance against certain damages?

The advantages of pipe-materials and the needs of a proper sewage system are well known. Less highlighted are usually the disadvantages of materials or the most frequent damages occurring. This overview shall present these in three pinpointed questions and answers.

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Principal Groundwater Discharge

Krah Chile is using Krah PE-GF Pressure Pipe Technology since 2009. The installed Krah KDR 700 is able to produce pressure pipes with standard PE100 or with PE-GF200. Since beginning Krah Chile delivered their pressure pipes for many applications. One examplary project is described below:

Krah Chile produced more than 1300 meter PE-GF-pressure pipes in dimension DN 300 and for pressure class PN 16. The pipes are designed with a safety factor of 1,25, that means the total wall thickness is 15,8 mm ( SIDR 19)

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Helical Extruded PE Pipes / Pressure Application

Pressure Test DN/ID 1700, SDR 26, Design pressure PN 6

UGPM helical extruded Pressure Pipe PE100, ID 1700, PN6 – 6 m length, elongated to 12 m length

Pressure pipes made of Polyethylene are successfully used since the 50ths of the last century. In more than 60 years the material has developed significantly in mechanical, thermal and physical characteristics. Mostly used in the pressure market is the pipe grade PE100 with a long term strength of 10 MPa (MRS 10). Furthermore you find in the market PE-types with optimized properties for example with a better resistance against slow crack growth, called PE 100 RC  (crack resistance) or fiber reinforced polyethylene pipes (e.g. Krah PE-GF 200) with very high strength and stability (MRS 20). 

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