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Handbook on large plastic pipes now available

Dear Customers and friends,

The time has finally come: Our Krah Community Handbook is now finally ready to be purchased.
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In 5 main categories and on 395 pages the book gives you an oversight on everything around large plastic pipes made out of polyolefin, from general information over application, fabrication and jointing to illustrated technical reports from customers ,the worldwide-acting Krah Community and Krah pipe producers worldwide.

It provides you with lots of “background information”, like quality assurances, cost analysis and so on. It also provides you with any information you may need to realize projects with Krah large diameter plastic pipes (sewage systems, water treatment, drainage systems, potable water supply systems, chemical industry, landfill technology...).

Handbook on large plastic pipes

The demand on large diameter plastic pipes has constantly increased in the past years.
The main applications are drainage, sewage and transportation of raw water, but also for special applications, like sea-water-intakes and outfall pipelines, large plastic pipes have become are more and more the first choice.

Considering these facts, the book should be an interesting lecture for engineers, planners, operators and contractors, customers or pipe producers that are interested in working together with Krah. It should also convince professionals or experts in civil engineering to start working with the Krah technology.

It can be purchased on Amazon (see links below) or it can be directly drawn from us by writing an e-mail to: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!
with "Order Handbook" in subject.

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PONTIS - bridge to Krah machine and office

PONTIS – the bridge between a Krah machine and the office

Pontis is a software package to monitor your KRAH machine from almost everywhere, from the view of a production manager or the general manager – not from the view of a technician. It is not showing boring data or screen shots of the control panel, it’s nearly sending real-time production data of your machine without any human interaction. The software itself is reporting what your KRAH machine is doing.

The information can be received everywhere where internet access is available and without any special software but your standard internet browser on your computer, tablet or even your smartphone will provide you with the complete information.

You will immediately know the real production time of the line, downtime and the reason why the machine is not running (not making pipes and money). Also the numbers of produced pipes and the output in kg/hr will be shown. Every time a pipe is produced (manually or through a program), your machine will save the collected data with the help of our Pontis server. Later the user has access to the results 24/7. The software Pontis can handle up to 8 machines for each customer. No high investment is needed; the customer pays the use only.

Pontis - monthly overview

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