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A new and innovative solution - house connections for large spiral-wound Pipes


The Krah Community Member Henze GmbH offers his patented House Connection Solution HAS-160/225 to all Krah Community Members (Patent No. DE 102005051560B4) and to all large plastic pipe users (PE and PP pipe systems).

Finally, a quick, secure and cost effective solution for house connections of large plastics pipes is available. The complete installation of the HE-HAS will be done from outside, so the installation can be done under operating conditions. No manual „hand-extrusion welding“ is anymore required, but a special heating element fusion system is used, according to DVS2207.

The HE-HAS house connection is available in two connection sizes: DN160-SDR17,6 and DA 225-SDR17,6. So other pipe materials, like PVC, PP can be jointed easy. The HE-HAS house connection can be done on solid wall pipes, according to DIN8074/75, DN/EN 12666, DIN16961, EN13476, ASTM F894, NBR7373 and PAS...

Anschlussstutzen DA 160 HAS 7


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Stock management of agricultural pipeline in Japan

1. Background

All over Japan we have huge agricultural fields to cultivate rice, vegetables, fruits and other crops. Major parts of the pipeline project were developed between 1968 and 1985 by the National development project. Since then over a century passed and the infrastructure became too old. Major problems of our pipelines are leakages, cracks, collapses and corrosion. This is not only harmful to the agricultural facilities but also to the farmer’s property.  For the stock management of agricultural pipelines, both human capacity and financial capacity is used.


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Sewage Pressure Pipes For Northern Argentinean Provinces

Project Description

Under the program for the Development of Northern Argentinean Provinces: Infrastructure Water and Sanitation, financed by the Interamerican Development Bank, the Program Execution Unit conducted the bidding process and award of the International Public Tender No. 01/13 for project: Streamlining of Pumping Plant Drive and Effluent Treatment Station - Santiago del Estero whose bid is on 27 November 2013. On held January 13, 2014, the InterAmerican Development Bank (BID) reported no objection to the recommendation for award of contract.

This integrated urban sanitation project involves the expansion of sewage lying over the construction of a sewage liquids treatment plant. It provides for expanding the number of new connections in 14,493 units, which would add to the existing 30,560 units. The length of the extension needed to achieve network is estimated at 425.9 km.

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