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World largest drum, made by Krah

On the 10th of August 2013 the beautiful town of Tõrva (Estonia) hosted it's yearly spell casting festival Tõrva Loits. This is the sixth time Tõrva Loits is held, bringing to the audience great performances, leading musicians and exciting spectacle in a lovely natural setting.

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Forbes opened new Kelso Krah facility

Forbes Technologies Ltd, UK’s leading manufacturer of tanks, scrubbers & other chemical plant in thermoplastics & glass fibre composites opened the latest automated KRAH production plant for large capacity tanks in thermoplastics in August 2013.

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Method for Installation of PEHD Manholes

- a technical report with 29 self-explanatory Figures -


1. HDPE Manhole & Chamber Design

PEHD Manhole and Chamber design stipulates various manufacturing configurations dependent upon actual site conditions. A number of factors including water table height, depth of cover and backfilling materials have significant impact on base configurations.

Where PEHD Manholes and chambers will be installed in areas with high ground water levels, a double bottom construction is recommended, which has to be filled with liquid concrete at the job site. In the case of the double bottom type there are two openings in the upper bottom one is for the filling of the liquid concrete and one is for the venting during the filling process. These openings need to be closed after filling and hardening of the concrete with covers. When installing the manholes up to 1200 mm diameter in ground water, for lift-retention reasons, a backfilling width of at least 50 cm is to be maintained outside and a concrete filling of the benching may be necessary.

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New patent for Krah pipes

In August 2013, the company Krah AG got a new patent for Krah plastic pipes.
The patent is issued by the Patent and Trademark office of the Federal Republic of Germany
and concerns the 3D electrofusion heating wire


new patent