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Meet Kalli


This is KalliThis is Kalli, Kalli is an engineer at the Krah AG. He is already retired since a few years, but now he came back with his mission to explain Krah technology in a very simple way to nearly everybody. To present and underline his explanations he is using video, so that also everyone else can use his videos through (you can find it on the channel of Krah AG, you just have to subscribe the channel and you will be always up to date for any new videos) in the internet or from the Krah AG home page (

His idea is to make the video in several languages. The first videos, that will explain the Krah Pipe System and the Production Process is available in English and German. Other languages will follow by the end of this year.

Kalli will also be very happy if schools, universities and other authorities will use his videos to bring the Krah technology closer to the people.




Kalli explains "Krah Pipe System"

Kalli explains "Krah Production Process"

Kalli explica el sistema de tuberias Krah

Kalli explica el proceso de fabricaión Krah



Segmented fittings fabricated from large diameter polyethylene pressure pipes


Segmented Fittings are state of the art for large diameter polyethylene pressure pipe systems. The maximum injection molded bends and T-pieces are until OD 500 available, injection molded stub-ends until OD 630. In larger diameters segmented fittings are the first choice. To guarantee the required homogeneity, stability and strength it is most important to use a high quality pipe and a proper welding-technology.

Segmented fittings are used for gravity and for pressure application as well. Direct extruded and helical extruded pipes can be used, but especially the helical extruded pipes are preferred by many manufacturers, because the wall thickness can be increased easily.  An increased wall-thickness is necessary to compensate weakening-factors for welding and shape of the segmented fitting.

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Pontis - bridging office and machine

pontis programPontis is a software package to monitor your KRAH machine from almost everywhere, from the view of a production manager or the general manager. It is not showing boring data or screen shots of the control panel but Pontis is nearly sending real-time production data, which are necessary to run a plant. Reports which have been previously made manually are now being produced without any manpower and nearly in real-time. The information can be received everywhere where internet access is available and without any special software but your standard internet browser on your computer, tablet or even your smartphone will provide you with the complete information.

You will know directly the downtime and the reason why the machine is not running (not making pipes and money). Also the numbers of produced pipes and the output in kg/hr will be shown.

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Shuttle Transfer to the Krah AG plant

vwbusFrom the 17th until the 24th of October the Krah AG arranged a bus to visit the Krah AG plan in Schutzbach. At this time a brand new KR750 (spiral pipe production line) is in production. The production line will be disassemble 2 days after the exhibition and will be shipped to Polypipe in the UK (

If you are interested to join, please send an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! and ask for the free ride (including food and drinks, presentation material will be available – but in request we will mail it world wide).