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Drinking water storage systems made out of PE 100 helically wound pipe

Potable water is the most important food on earth and is not replaceable. The natural element of water is the basis of earthly existence. In Germany, water is the purest and most monitored food. It is constantly tested for quality and ingredients. The daily consumption of water in Germany is 120 liter per citizen – this corresponds to an annual consumption of 4 billion cubic meters. Such huge amounts of water are not required simultaneously throughout the day and are therefore not taken from the water system at the same time. Therefore water storage systems are needed to cover the consumption peaks and the operational standstill periods during the water transportation.


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Comtruder® - Large Plastic Pipe Production Line with CaCo3

Our last development in the field of large plastic pipes is the production of pipes filled with 25% Calcium Carbonate. The new pipe system fulfills all requirements for pipes according to the European standard EN13476. We produced several pipes on one of our latest extrusion lines with an integrated Comtruder®. During the extrusion process, PE100 and calcium carbonate powder are mixed and extruded in one step. The pipes were produced with 75% Sabic HDPE P6006 (PE100) and 25% calcium carbonate powder CaCO3 (in further tests we produced pipes with 30% calcium carbonate). The same pipes were also produced with virgin HDPE SABIC P6006 (PE100). Pipes were produced as solid wall and also as structured wall pipes.


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