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The New KR800 - next generation!

The last major development of our production line was four years ago, when we changed from KR700 to KR750. This year (2014) after a long time of small improvements and complete new developments, we have finally completed our new generation of our KR-serie – the "KR800". The first machine of this new line is shipped to our customer in Poland to conquer the market in East Europe. We are convinced this machine will be only the beginning of a new successful generation of production lines for spiral pipes.

The new features are:

  • New profiles designed for large diameters, especially for pipes >1500mm
    the new profiles are optimized for SN-classes according to ISO9969, for PE and also PP. With the new profiles the possibility to fight against other  low-price-products is much easier. The pipes are in general 15-20% lighter for sizes DN/ID>1500 mm.
  • Extrusion output up to 1,2 tons/hr, due the new die-head system and better extruder utilization.
  • Shorter change over times, better pre-heating system.
  • Bigger co-extruder, up to 80 kg/hr.
  • New production software WIN-KDR2014, with new light weight socket and spigot system for gravity pipes. Also the MICKEY-Software is now available in the newest version, with many improvements and new features..
  • A new socket/spigot system for easier jointing of pipes.
  • More automation, like an integrated computer controlled pipe labeling system, like the IR-camera (CCTV) to check the surface temperature of the mandrel and the pipe.
  • More computer integration, with PONTIS you are always connected to each of your machine and you can get useful data of production in real time, with many charts and standard reports.
  • Integration of the measurements and logging of gas and electricity supply for each pipe (if wanted) – so the calculation of production costs will be much easier and nearly done automatically.
  • Reducing failures by using IRFID-chips in the main tools.
  • Reducing of the cooling time with a new contact-socket/spigot cooling system (CCS).
  • Reducing of production costs.
  • We simplified the production, by reducing mechanically settings
  • All important adjustments during production can be done on „real“ buttons and switches, beside the touch screen. So the machine is becoming more user-friendly.

We are offering the complete new machine series KR800 for a very attractive and very feasible price. Also for existing customers with machines starting from version KR700 are able to upgrade their system. Please do not hesitate to contact us or arrange a meeting with our responsible sales person, to explain in detail the possibilities of upgrading.