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Ich verstehe

We are happy, because we are „The Best“

(proved in China)


It is very normal and common, that German machines are being copied, especially in the area of plastic processing machines. Everybody is upset, but only few companies take legal measurements against it.

Also our machines are more or less successfully counterfied and copied by approximately 5 Chinese companies. The great thing about it is, that they do not only copy the hard- and software but also our name.



As Chinese people claim to be the best masters in copying, we, Krah AG, feel very proud and flattered by their works and promotions.

Our copy cats bring up our company name and branding as well as my own last name everywhere. Therefore I would like to use this occasion to ask all copy cats who read this now: “Please try to build and deliver the machines that you call Krah machines in high quality, so that you maintain and not destroy the reputation of the best/masters.”

About 20% of the video about Krah pipes does not show the original Krah machines and even our copiers refer to our own videos – thanks for that too!

Instead of taking legal measurements, we invest the saved costs for lawyers and court in a continues development of our machines. This has the advantage that the performance is much better than the one of the copies despite a higher sales price. Also our pre- and after sales service is not comparable but much more comprehensive as we have product experience and technical expertise also about the final product.

Moreover, the Krah machines have an amortization time of less than 1,5 years but in contrast to the copies the machines work reliable and continuously for much more time.

To be part of the Krah community offers the member very special market advantages and even pipe orders.

Until our latest machine development, the KR800, will be more or less available as comparable copy, 3-5 years will pass – a period of time in which the customers of the original machine have amortized their investment for a long time already and have enjoyed the advantages of the services and cooperation with Krah AG, Germany.

The Krah pipe and technology will be steadily more known through and manifests its own market value, beside the investment value.

 So finally I have very good news for all readers who do not have original Krah machines yet: we still produce and even sell the machines !!!

 So, we are happy – because we are the BEST (proved by the copier).