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30 % less Energy Consumption...

 ... was not the only reason for the English Polypipe Group to purchase the Krah Compounder Concept. 

Since many years Krah is with the ComTruder® involved in the inline compounding technology.
Until today the system was used to produce and to extrude a compound based on PE/PP with glass-fiber or Calcium Carbonate as a part of the spiral pipe production machines KDR700 and DR700.

For Polypipe now Krah developed a standalone compounder to produce Polyethylene Pellets, filled with Calcium carbonate (30%). The standalone compounder, called Comtruder®, has an output of 700 kg/hr. The pellets are produced by an underwater pelletizer, what is flanged directly to the comtruder.

The energy consumption of the new Comtruder® compared to normal Compounder is 30% less, due the unique Krah-compounding-system.

The new material is used in the existing two KR-production lines at Polypipes plant.
If needed the complete system can be used for Direct Extrusion also. 

The Krah Comtruder® is also equipped with

  • Gravimetric dosing system for raw materials and all additives,
  • Sidefeeders for CaCO3 and other additives
  • Screen changer and metal separator
  • Vacuum pump system
  • Electrical control cabinet
  • Control system with touch-screen for operation and process control

Krah Comtruder® for improving competitiveness by Saving Energy and Optimization the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of raw materials!