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ImProfil of Ralf Schnitzler

10 Questions for Ralf Schnitzler / Krah AG


10 Questions for…

Ralf Schnitzler / Krah AG

  1.  In March 2014 you will start working for Krah AG. What is your new position in the company?
    I am looking forward to be the new Business Development Director at Krah AG.

  2. What did you do before? Do you have experience in large pipes?
    After my graduation as an civil engineer specialized in water technology I have started working at a construction company to gain the first professional experience. After this I have moved on to a large plastic pipe manufacturer in Germany. In a sales and marketing role I managed the pipe business on the German and European market. Before I joined Krah AG I worked for one of 100 largest enterprises in the world in order to upgrade my sales and general management profile. 

  3. You have gained experience in a big corporation, is it not difficult to change to a medium sized company now?
    At first let me point out that in my professional career I got to know the big cooperation world as well as the small and medium enterprise. At the medium sized company it´s only different but not difficult. Negotiations and decisions are faster and you see very soon success of your daily work.

  4. You are original Civil-Engineer, so you are experienced in technical things. What does enthuse you in Sales and Marketing of machines?
    My knowledge of the large pipe plastic systems in the past as well as the civil engineer market nationwide are the fundament of my sales profile. The machine technology will start often with one special project spotted in the different countries. Select a machine technology solution for this installation issues will be my key task. 

  5. What are in your opinion the most important advantages of Krah machines and Krah itself?
    I think that the specialization of Krah and their highly sophisticated machines in the large plastic pipes market are the biggest advantage. The longtime and practical experience as well as the international partner community make Krah the leading technology company in this business sector.

  6. The development in large diameter pipe market was rapid in the last years - how do you estimate the future prospects for helical extruded pipes (krah Pipes) worldwide?
    Compared to other materials the large plastic pipes are underrepresented worldwide. We are able to increase the plastic pipes proportion in the large pipe business over one double-digit percentage. The pipes and system advantages are raged over but not well known worldwide.

  7. What do you miss in the product range of Krah AG?
    On the first glance: Nothing! From the long-term view possibly the R&D department would make sense in the company.

  8. What are your targets in 2014 as a part of the Krah Team?
    My target will be to start quickly in the international market with selling machines and help my company to increase the underrepresented percentage in a significant degree as soon as possible.

  9. Krah AG is an international operating company, which countries would you like to visit most?

    In coordination with the sales team and the board of Krah we will find soon the primary target countries or markets. At first I will focus on the Asian continent  and North – and South America as I consider this market not being developed that well currently.

  10. What are your personal targets?
    Health at first and an interesting challenge at Krah. That is fairly enough to make me happy at Krah.

Ralf Personal:

Yes, but divorced. I have one son at the age of 10 and one stepdaughter at the “nice” age of 16.


In my spare time:
I do a lot of sports in my spare time and motorcycling is my new hobby.

I am just reading...
Everything about motorbikes, technics and routes.

I can laugh about...
Good jokes, comedy appearance and all my sons' tries to avoid the parents' order.

The one thing I would never do again is:
From the professional view: to go back to a big group and considered in a personal way: to do nothing I'm not 100 percent convinced of.