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World largest drum, made by Krah

On the 10th of August 2013 the beautiful town of Tõrva (Estonia) hosted it's yearly spell casting festival Tõrva Loits. This is the sixth time Tõrva Loits is held, bringing to the audience great performances, leading musicians and exciting spectacle in a lovely natural setting.

World largest drum

The highlight of the evening was the unrivalled open-air spectacle "The Greatest Hits of Kalevipoeg". Directed by Mart Koldist, choreographer Märt Agu.

Featuring popular bands and singers such as Jaan Tätte, Tanel Padar & The Sun, Päär Pärenson, 300 dancers, 200 choir singers and world's biggest drums the collective performed best bits of the Estonian national epic "Kalevipoeg". The world's biggest drums were made specially for the festival a few years ago from Krah pipes by our partner Krah Pipes Estonia and have been used for several other events since.

Word largest drum

Despite the pouring rain, over 4500 visitors came to see and listen to the music. This time the festival was held on the shores of the river Veskijärve, the surroundings of which offer alongside with breath-taking views much greater possibilities for fire and water shows and bring even more mystery to the spell casting. All this combined with the legends, pouring rain and fantastic performances gave such unforgettable positive emotions to participants and visitors that the festival ended just before midnight.

World largest drum