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ArabPlast 2013

DUBAI- ArabPlast is the largest and most established trade fair for plastic and rubber industry in the Middle East. This is an excellent place for the manufacture companies to exchange their ideas and experience in new technologies. Overall, 900 international firms from 41 countries across the world exhibited various kinds of plastics, rubber and petrochemical industries at this prestigious exhibition.

One of the 900 firms is Krah AG - the world´s leading suppliers of plastic pipe production technology. Our exhibition stand caught many visitors attention which they stop by and become interested in the KRAH pipe production technology. Our competent Krah AG members, Mr Bülent Kuzkaya and Mr Mohammed Al Hashani, provide the visitors excellent service, for instance by describing the newest products of Krah AG and the efficient way of pipe production. Because Krah AG is renowned for production of large diameter pipes, many visitors became curious about those fascination production machines. As a result, machines for pipe production till DN4000, welding equipments and machines for manhole fabrication are requested. Especially many visitors are interest in the KRAH Comtruder® Technology for gravity and pressure pipe production. The KRAH Comtruder® Technology provide the possibility of direct compounding process for adding Glass Fibers and Calciumcarbonat as well as normal extrusion process of High Density Polyethylene or High Stiffness Polypropylene (e.g. BorECO BA212E)!

1 Arabplast 2013

The number of plastic production capacity increase in the Gulf States more and more each year. In the year 2007 ethylene was only about 15 million (t) but at the end of 2012 ethylene has increased to 30 million (t). Beside that Polyethylene production capacities in the Gulf States is expected to boost from 10.7 million (t) in 2009 to 21 million (t) by the 2015. Additionally according to the latest statistics, in the year 2009 the volume of polypropylene was only 4.8 million (t). However by the end of 2015 this volume is estimated to double this amount.

Referring to those statistics, the countries of the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) set to become world's largest source of polyethylene and polypropylene. Thus, the exhibition ArabPlast turns into a major and important trade fair for plastic and rubber industry. Nevertheless ArabPlast has developed into a key event for the Middle East market which is also an ideal prime platform for expanding business contacts.
This result is observed by the number of the visitors and exhibitioners who attend this trade fair, which has an increase of 30%. Most of the visitors came from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, African countries and India. However, manufactures from Europe and other parts of the world discover this importance of ArabPlast as well.

The next ArabPlast will take place in January 2015.

We looking forward to meeting you there.