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Krah Comtruder® Technology ready for High Modulus Polypropylene BorEco BA212 E

In August 2012 representatives of Borouge and Borealis have visited Krah AG to attend the tests of the Krah Comtruder®-Technology using their high stiffness Polypropylene. The tests were made on a machine sold to the Ukraine and the test runs were made using BorEco BA212E. The customer was very pleased about the results of the extrusion trials.



The test results are very satisfying and the output of 760 kg/h for a profiled pipe made of BorEco BA212E (DN 900, SN 12) demonstrate the excellent performance of the Krah Technology with a High Modulus Polypropylene material.

Both companies have agreed to develop together a completely new and innovative pipe system utilizing BorEco212E, mainly for pipe sizes in the range 800 mm to 4000 mm, including jointing, fittings and manholes. The complete pipe system will be produced by using Krah-Winding Technology. One of the main advantages is that only one production technology is capable of producing the complete range of pipes and pipe accessories in all diameters.

The possibility of the Krah Comtruder® Technology to add CaCO3 or Glass Fibers to High Modulus Polypropylene boost the competitiveness for large diameter plastic pipes against other materials.   In the future BorEco BA212E will be the reference material for Krah-production lines world-wide.


From left to right: Alexander Krah , Jarmo Harjuntausta (Borouge), Katrin Heidrich, Mohana Murali (Borouge), Jochen Blickheuser   From left to right: Sven Jürgens, James McGoldrick (Borealis), Stephan Füllgrabe


For more information about the material properties:


Borouge Pte Ltd.
Sheikh Khalifa Energy Complex,
Borouge Tower
Corniche Road
Abu Dhabi

Borealis Polyolefine GmbH

St. Peter Strasse 25
4021 Linz


For more information about the production technology and the pipe properties:

Krah AG
Betzdorfer Str. 8
57520 Schutzbach
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