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ImProfil of: Peeter Kirtsi

10 Questions for Peeter Kirtsi / Krah Pipes OÜ

peeter kirtsi

10 Questions for…

Peeter Kirtsi / Krah Pipes OÜ

  1. Since when do you work for Krah Pipes OÜ?

    I met Karl-Heinz Krah in Moscow in December 2005 and discussed the possibilities of starting the production with Krah line in Estonia. Since then we prepared all the documents needed, hardware required and in 2009 we had the line in our brand new production hall in Estonia. So I have been with Krah Pipes OÜ right from the birth of the idea.

  2. What is your position in the company?

    I am one of the owners and also CEO of the company.

  3. What did you do before starting your job at Krah Pipes OÜ?

    I worked for Silmet Ltd (today Molycorp Silmet Ltd). Company specializing in the production of rare metals and rare earth metals. I held the position of CFO at the time when I decided to leave the company and continue with the Krah Pipes OÜ.

  4. What are the characteristics of the company compared to the competition?

    I think we are “craziest” of them all, meaning that we look for complicated projects and solve problems found there. Or course, we never say no to some simple pipeline, but our goal still is to offer full solutions to problems out there and by doing that change the old classics like concrete, metal etc to our PE solutions. So we are flexible, able to develop complicated engineering solutions, optimize the usage of materials and by doing that achieve more attractive solutions to our customers.

  5. When was the company founded and how well the business is performing today?

    Krah AG delivered the KR line in December 2009. So 2010 was the startup & school year. In 2011 we gave all the exams and the ongoing 2012 will be the year we can look at as the first in the adult life. In few words – we are doing good and we are working to do even better!

  6. Which Krah machines does Krah OÜ own until now?

    We have one KR750 line installed

  7. How do you call your "Krah pipes"? (brand name)

    We are simple. We sell the pipes under “KRAH Pipes” brand including also KRAH Manholes, Pumping stations, Tanks etc.

  8. What is in your opinion, the most valuable competitive advantage of the Krah Production Pipe Technology?

    The main advantage is the flexibility of the line. One can find a possibility to do almost anything with/on this line. It is a great tool not only for competing for existing markets but also generating new markets of one’s one.

  9. Where do you see yourself/the company in 5 years?

    Still here in Estonia :) but seriously, we want to be the best plastic engineers in the region helping out our partners with the know-how and equipment we have.

  10. Please tell us more about your current most interesting projects.

    We just finished a nice relining project in Estonia where 150m segments of e-fusion welded Di800 pipe were pushed into existing concrete pipeline. In March we got our first oil separator NS6 class certified. Also in March our pipes, fittings, manholes, tanks and pumping stations passed tests for seismologic activity and as a result receiving recommendations for usage up to 9th class (MSK-64 scale) earth-quakes. Most fierce tests were done in the range of 10th class. Also these tests did not damage our piping systems.

Peeter Personal



Single at the moment. Have the best sister called Maarja.


In my spare time:

I do a lot of sports. I play ice hockey and do boxing. During off-season just jogging. And a night out is always a good idea :)


I am just reading...

one of the Chinese classics “The Complete I Ching” by Alfred Huang.


I can laugh about...

I think about almost anything depending on the situation and day.


My favorite food:

I just adore good food, so there are many favorites. In general I love hot foods & meat a bit better than anything else.


My favorite holiday destination:

anything but regular “tourist spots”