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ImProfil of: Sandra Perez

10 Questions for Sandra Perez / Krah América Latina, Buenos Aires


10 Questions for…

Sandra Perez / Krah América Latina, Buenos Aires

  1. Since when do you work for Krah América Latina S.A.?

    I’m at the company since it started in Argentina, in August 2004.

  2. What is your position in the company?

    I’m a Civil Engineer and my business card says: “Development, Technology & Marketing Manager”. I’m responsible for many different things, such as technical developments (manuals, technical reports, catalogues, technical articles, etc), new products design, technical support (for customers, for the sales department and for production department), project analysis, quality control procedures, and marketing. I also follow the development of local standards at the Argentinean Standardization and Certification Institute (IRAM), as a member of different committees, and I dictate curses and/or conferences to different groups of interest regarding our technology.

  3. What exactly is Krah América Latina S.A. doing?

    Up until now, we’ve been exclusively producing Krah profiled pipes and accessories, mainly providing for the sewerage and drainage markets in Argentina. However, we’re currently working on developing new products in order to expand to other markets.

  4. What are the characteristics of the company compared to the competition?

    We’re a small company compared to our main competitors. However, we offer much more than just a standard product as we have a strong technical support and the possibility of a great flexibility in production. This lets us provide a unique service, offering our clients the study of their projects in order to optimize them with our products.
  5. Since when Krah America Latina S.A. is working with the Krah technology?

    Krah America Latina S.A. was originally created for the distribution of Krah products in Latin-America, so it’s working with Krah technology since its beginning, 7 years ago.

  6. How did you learn about this?

    I was invited to join the company by its Argentinean owners, Daniel and Gustavo, before the company was formally created. I had known them, especially Daniel, for a long time and had worked for them in some projects as a freelance engineer. At that moment, I knew very little about Krah AG and its technology (they were not known yet in the Argentinean market), but I did know about pipes and I remember being really impressed by Krah profiled wall pipes and their possibilities for the Latin market. 

  7. Which Krah machines does Krah America Latina S.A. own until now?

    We own one machine KR700.

  8. What do you call your "Krah pipes"? (brand name)

    We call the profiled wall line as “Krah Profil” pipes. The idea was to maintain a clear reference to Krah in the product name, being ourselves a Krah company.

  9. How many projects you have been realized with these so far?

    Our products have been installed in over 90 projects now, totalizing more than 140 km of installed pipes, including the first 2 experiences with HDPE outfalls in Argentina.

  10. What is your experience retrospectively?

    My experience with Krah technology, as I already said, comes from its beginnings in Argentina, so I lived all the process, since the KR700 installation, through the study of the product, it’s presentation for the Argentinean market, the first projects, etc, etc. So far, it’s been a great experience that made me grow up both professionally and personally.   With regard specifically to Krah’s technology, I think the flexibility given by the production system and its continuous upgrades are the mayor advantages, as they let us be constantly optimizing our products or creating new ones, offering the client always the best possible choice.



I'm married with Pablo (another engineer like me) and we have two daughters: Lucia (4 years old) and Victoria (1 year old)

In my spare time...

Unfortunately, I do not have much spare time at the moment as my kids are too young.
However, when I can, I like to go to the movies, spend time with friends or travel. I also like sports a lot, like skating or skiing.

I am just reading...

Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol". But I'm reading it very slowly, as it's hard for me to find the time these days.
I can laugh about:

Many things: a funny movie, a funny TV show and, mostly, my kids' ideas and jokes.