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ImProfil of: Phillip Foley

10 Questions for Phillip Foley / Profile Pipe Technologies USA, LLC


10 Questions for…

PHILLIP FOLEY / Profile Pipe Technologies USA, LLC

  1. Since when do you work for Profile Pipe Technologies, LLC?

    I have been with PPT since April 2011

  2. What is your position in the company?


  3. What exactly is Profile Pipe Technologies, LLC doing?

    Profile Pipe Technologies, LLC (PPT) is a manufacturer of large-diameter HDPE piping. PPT is headquartered in Shelbyville, KY near Louisville. PPT manufactures pipe up to 96 inches in diameter for various applications including the municipal, landfill, mining and industrial markets as well as for tanks, storm drains, retention and more.
  4. Whar are the caracteristics of the company compared to the competition?

    We offer large diameter HDPE products with all of the benefits of traditional solid wall pipe with less weight, larger sizes and more options. Our products have:

    • Corrosion and chemical resistance
    • Light weight
    • Multiple joining options
    • Hydraulic efficiency
    • Long service life
    • Impact resistance
    • 100:leak-ffree restrained joings
    • Flexibility of design
    • Environmental protection
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Abrasion resistance
    • High strength
  5. Since when has Profile Pipe Technologies working with the Krah technology?

    The KDR700 was installed and commissioned in July 2011.

  6. How did you learn about this?

    Introduced during recruitment

  7. Which Krah machines does Profile Pipe Technologies, LLC own until now?

    One KDR700

  8. What do you call your "Krah pipes"? (brand name)

    CPR, SQ1, PR

  9. How many projects you have been realized with these so far?

    We have realized over a dozen projects in the very short time that we have been in the market and are gaining momentum swiftly and steadily.

  10. What is your experience retrospectively?

    Operationally, the KDR700 has provided us with consistent, high quality results for our large diameter projects.  We continue to acquire the knowledge to master the delicate intricacies of the technological system and electro-fusion process. 

Thank you very much – we wish you all the best and good luck for the future!

Phil personal


Wife (Kimberly) and a daughter and son (Tausha 24, Tanner 15)
In my spare time...

I enjoy hunting and fishing
I am just reading...

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.
I can laugh about:

Just about anything, humor is important.
My personal role model

Warren Jelinek
My words to live by:

Work smarter, not harder.


I have been with PPT since April 2011