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Pipe production tool with 13m length available

mandrel total The company Krah – market leader for helical extrusion technology – has developed a 13 meter long mandrel for production of helical extruded pipes. With this innovation customer can manufacture in one cycle pipe length of 12 meter now. At first Krah offer this innovation for PE and PP pipes from DN 600 up to DN 3000, but bigger dimensions are also possible. In the past the standard length of such mandrels was 7 m, so that production was limited to 6m pipe length. Now the tooling time can be reduced by 50% and the production method becomes even in pipe weight more efficient than before.

As known from the 7 m tools it is still possible to integrate socket and spigot directly at the end of the pipes.
Even for the contractor this pipe lengths provide a lot of cost savings, 50% of joints can be saved and specially for long distance projects it is very interesting.

For every customer who bought in the past a production line for 6 m pipe length production Krah offers an complete upgrade for existing machines and mandrels. Krah has developed a special procedure for extending the old 7 m long mandrels to 13 meters. Even railway and electrical devices can be changed.