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ImProfil of: Jason Shingleton

10 Questions for Jason Shingleton / Polypipe Civils UK



10 Questions for…


  1. Since when do you work for Polypipe Civils?

    I have worked for Polypipe Civils for over 12 years

  2. What is your position in the company?

    I am the Marketing and Development Director – responsible for Business and New Product Development

  3. What exactly is Polypipe doing?

    We have set about growing the Polypipe Civils business by positioning ourselves as market leaders in Water Management Solutions. This is in response to new legislation in the UK and Europe which requires governments to better control surface water flooding.

  4. What are the characteristics of the company compared to the competition?

    Polypipe Civils is the market leader in the UK in our sector (focussed on the Civil Engineering market) We are the only company to have a full range of water management solutions products and to be able to support them both commercially and technically.

  5. Since when Polypipe is working with the Krah technology?

    We installed our Krah line in Autumn 2008.

  6. How did you learn about this?

    I first approached Krah and met Alexander over 10 years ago. It took him all this time to get us to buy a line. I am sure Isabella would have been quicker!! Seriously, when we first met the time was not right for the UK market. When we decided to look again at introducing large pipes to our range I knew where to come.

  7. Which Krah machines does Polypipe own until now?

    One KR750

  8. What do you call your "Krah pipes"? (brand name)

    We call our Krah system Ridgistorm XL

  9. How many projects you have been realized with these so far?

    We have realised over 50 projects (large and small) so far and we are still growing

  10. What is your experience retrospectively?

    Given that we started with the Krah technology just as the financial crisis hit we have not made a bad start in the UK. The technology has proved reliable and flexible, the product we make is of good quality and the support from Krah has been very good compared to our other machinery suppliers. These are all reasons we chose Krah as our large diameter pipe partners.  Where we have struggled a little is with the technicallity of the commercial focus required for selling large diameter pipes. We have strong and experienced competition from KWH with Weholite and Aquaspira with steel reinforced pipes. To compete we have needed to differentiate ourselves and sell the unique features of the Krah solution e.g. Electrofusion joints. We are improving with this all the time.

Thank you very much – we wish you all the best and good luck for the future!

Jason personal


Wife (Suzanne) and 2 Sons (Joe and Ben) aged 3 and 9
In my spare time...

I like to Hund and Fish, together with watching most sports, when the family allows.
I am just reading...

The Newspaper. I tend to read current affairs, but with 2 young children reading books is pretty
much out of the question
I can laugh about:

Just about anything.
My english accent... You have to with Alexander about !!!
My personal role model

I do not have a particular role model. I like to adapt as circumstances change.
My words to live by:

Live life to the full and enjoy yourself at work and at home, you are only here once.