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Principal Groundwater Discharge

Krah Chile is using Krah PE-GF Pressure Pipe Technology since 2009. The installed Krah KDR 700 is able to produce pressure pipes with standard PE100 or with PE-GF200. Since beginning Krah Chile delivered their pressure pipes for many applications. One examplary project is described below:

Krah Chile produced more than 1300 meter PE-GF-pressure pipes in dimension DN 300 and for pressure class PN 16. The pipes are designed with a safety factor of 1,25, that means the total wall thickness is 15,8 mm ( SIDR 19)

The pipes were supplied for Ministro Hales Mine owned by Codelco, the largest company of the state of Chile. The mine is located in the Atacama Desert, near the city of Calama, 1570 km north of Santiago de Chile. In this area the outside temperature reach in summer more than 40 °C  and in winter temperature drop down to -10 °C. The pipeline is necessary to supply fossil water from the original accumulation pool to the project reservoir for usage in the mine.

After production and quality testing the pipes are welded in the Krah-factory from original 6 meter length to a total length of 18 meter. The 18 meter long pipes are delivered to the construction site for final installation. The installation and welding is done by company MONTEC S.A. and took around 2 month for the complete 1300 meters. The pipes are installed in silty sand by embankment.

For the butt-fusion process the DVS 2207, part 1 are observed. According to the Krah Specification the temperature of the heated tool is adjusted to 235 °C (that is ca. 20°C more than for standard PE 100). Furthermore the aligment pressure and the joining pressure is adjusted to 0,3 N/mm² instead of 0,15 N/mm²

After installation a pressure test is done to warranty that every welding fulfill the requirements.

The Pressure Test is done at the whole pipeline with 1,3 time nominal pressure, that means with 20,8 Bar.

pipe delivery

butt fused PE-GF-pipe
Flanged joint between reel HDPE-coated steel to PE-GF 200 installed pipeline by embankment


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