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The Azerbaijan Project - from the idea to the finished pipe

(a project study in 3 parts)


Part 1: The Idea


The country Azerbaijan is located between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus. Azerbaijan was part of the Sowjet Union until it has become independent in the year 1991. It is adjoining to Russia in the North, to Georgia in the North-West, to Iran in the South and to Armenia in the West. Further it has a common border with Turkey through the autonomous republic Nachitschewan. The capitol “Baku” is an important harbor city at the Caspian Sea. The total area of the country is 86.600 square kilometers. The national economy is still growing fast, Aserbaijan is rich in mineral sources, especially in oil and gas, but it has also a high agricultural potential.
Only by need of renovation and repair of the infrastructure the further growing of the prosperous economy is limited.


Especially the underground infrastructure for the supply of potable water and for sewage-systems has to be renovated. The pipe-network has to be improved to achieve the whole population and to develop new areas. Plastic pipe systems are a very important element for this change in the Azerbaijani Infrastructure, for new pressure and gravity pipelines as well as for relining of damaged old pipe systems. One of the best arguments for plastic pipes is always the enormous life service time of 100 years.
In small dimensions plastic pipe systems are already well introduced, but for medium and large diameter pipes the market demands urgently innovative plastic pipe systems.

MountainsMr. Dr. Musayev, the general director of “STP - Sumgait Technologies Park” has recognized early the demand of large diameter plastic pipes and signed in 2012 the contract with Krah AG for the delivery of 3 Complete Production Lines for the diameter DN 800 until DN 3500. (

2 Lines for Profiled Gravity Pipes made of High Density Polyethylene and high stiffness polypropylene (KR) and one line for pressure application of glas-fibre reinforced plastic and high density polyethylene.

Sumgait Technologies Park is located approximately 30 km from Baku and produce there already small and medium size diameters of plastic pipes. STP is the leading producer of direct extruded pipes for pressure application as well as corrugated pipes, but also have injection moulding and cable production facilities. With the Krah production machines for helical extruded pipes STP is finally entering the large diameter pipe market !

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