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Big in Japan

Big in Japan – not only a song performed by Alphaville, but also the Pipe Production Technology for BIG pipes which Krah AG lately brought to Dainippon Plastics Co., Ltd. in Japan.

Mitsuaki Tokiyoshi
Mr. Mitsuaki Tokiyoshi,
Project manager for this project

It was in year 2007 when Ernst-Otto Muhl, Area Sales Manager at Krah AG responsible for the Asia/Oceania market, visited Dainippon Plastics at their head quarters in Osaka. He wanted to introduce Krah’s Pipe Production Technology for Pressure Pipes (DR machine).At this time Dainippon Plastics was planning to install an additional pipe production line within the next 2 – 3 years, but was first focusing on a third KR Machine for its plant in Ako. Within a short period of time the management of Dainippon Plastics was basically convinced regarding this technology for PE-GF pressure pipes.

After having a very intensive market research and several feasibility studies as well as two visits to one of Krah’s existing customers who also runs a KDR pipe production line, Dainippon Plastics had made their decision. Mr. Tokiyoshi, Project Manager for this project reviews: “we knew very fast that this technology would open a huge additional market segment for us and that we would be able to increase our output as well as our turn over significantly. We only had to decide which date we wanted to start the production of PE-GF pressure pipes.”

Mr. Hiroshi Kawaguchi,
President of Dainippon Plastics

At the end of 2009 the President of Dainippon Plastics, Mr. Hiroshi Kawaguchi and Mr. Ernst-Otto Muhl met in Osaka and after friendly negotiations the official purchase agreement for delivery of one DR700 Pipe Production Line was signed. It has been agreed that the acceptance test at Krah’s plant in Germany should be executed by the end of 2010 and the final acceptance test at Dainippon Plastics’ plant in Ako should take place by mid of February 2011.

These 12 months were used to implement the special requests of Dainippon Plastics for their new machine to fulfill special requirements of the Japanese market.Last but not least world’s largest exhibition for plastics, K-show in Duesseldorf, took place during the final set up of Dainippon’s new machine and a lot of Krah man power was needed to guarantee a good presentation of Krah at their exhibition stand.

Finally Dainippon Plastic’s new machine got ready in time. Mr. Toshito Otani, responsible for pipe production at plant Ako, and his team came to Germany from 6th to 10th December 2010 to carry out the official acceptance test at seller’s site. Machine was found in good shape and best quality and all tests including the production of several pressure pipes in different diameters were fulfilled successfully.

Ceremony members

After acceptance test at Krah’s site all components were de-installed, packed into 4 containers 40’ OT, loaded onto vessel just before Christmas and arrived Kobe port on 4th February 2011. Containers passed customs clearance without any problems and arrived Dainippon Plastics’ plant in Ako just in time, so Krah technicians, Mr. Mike Klein and Mr. Nico Horn, could start installation on 8th February 2011. It took 9 working days for installation and from 21st to 23rd the final acceptance test at buyers’ site took place. After successfully passing all test, the pressure pipe production line was officially handed over to Dainippon Plastics by Mr. Christoph Fitten, Mr. Ernst-Otto Muhl and by Mr. Sandro Vernillo, who stayed in Ako until 8th of March for training of machine workers.


Last but not least a very impressive Official Opening Ceremony took place on 25th February, which Mr. Fitten, Mr. Muhl and Mr. Vernillo were invited to join as representatives of Krah AG. The new pipe production line was inaugurated and Krah AG hopes that the new machine will in the future be running smoothly, so Dainippon Plastics is able to continuously increase its production capacity.

As per mid of May 2011 the pipe production line is running without any nameable failures; Dainippon Plastics has produced several sample pipes and a support team of Krah AG has visited Ako plant again to implement customer-related software changes and upgrades.

Krah AG wishes Dainippon Plastics all the best for the future and will assure any possible support for their long term customer.

Also after 11th March big earthquake and tsunami, Krah AG would like to express their deepest sympathy to the Japanese Nation – Mr. Alexander Krah, CEO of Krah AG would has expressly said: “we as Krah AG are ready to give our outmost support for rebuilding of the affected areas.”

After Dainippon Plastics had been informed that this project report would be published, they asked to be able to address the following as epilogue:

In the meantime we are starting to make PE-GF pipes as per Japanese quality and Japanese style with Krah’s new technology. Furthermore, on 7th April we held a big meeting and presentation for PE-GF pipes with all our sales staff. We are getting ready to start our new business with the support and cooperation of Krah AG.

Also Japan had a big earthquake and tsunami on 11th March 2011. We are very impressed about the fact that Krah AG was expressing their deepest sympathy to the Japanese Nations. Japan still continues to recover and stand up again – some people in Japan are working 24/7 hours with cooperation from all over the world. Dainippon Plastics Co. Ltd has a responsibility to build up in JAPAN with Krah’s new technology in the badly hit areas, by making pipes, too.