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Introducing...Mohammed Al Hashani, UGPM Oman

Mohammed Al Hashani is the Vice President, Krah Middle East based in Kuwait. In addition, he is the Managing Director of United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing Co LLC (UGPM), which is based in the Sultanate of Oman. Key products include HDPE pipes, fabricated items such as Manholes, House Connections etc and other accessories. UGPM, under his able leadership, has achieved the following quality certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 related to Quality, Environment and Health & Safety.

In the interview, he informed us that he works hand in hand with the three C’s: Client, Consultant, Contractor; utilizing complex calculation techniques to arrive at a customized product that meets specific and definite requirements. Products developed are highly cost effective, with a long life, meeting environmental concerns, keeping low maintenance costs, producing homogenous product using specializing welding techniques for secure jointing, for quick and easy installation without additional training or expensive equipment.

Given the nature of the products, their applications, and stringent requirements from the three C’s, the company places maximum emphasis on Quality. This is evidenced by the fact that the department head reports directly to the MD.

Mr. Mohammed Al Hashani
Picture.1: Mr. Mohammed Al Hashani

In addition, the company provides training for its products from reputed worldwide companies, thus emphasizing the importance it places on long term relationships.

Mohammed was born in Saudi Arabia, but he grew up in Kuwait where they had a family business. He was initially exposed to Krah AG, Germany in 2001 when his father, Mr Khaled Al Hashani acquired major shareholding in the company. He started his journey with Krah AG in 2005 after graduating with a degree in Industrial Management and Systems Engineering from Kuwait University.

During his academic experience, he performed an optimization study for waste oil recovery firm producing more than 250 products. His recommendations were incorporated leading to a cost saving of Euros 200,000/- per month.

Post-graduation, he proceeded to Krah AG for on the job training. Moving from the Middle East to a European work culture was an eye opener and a rewarding process. Following a strict work culture with a stringent emphasis on quality and productivity left marked impression on the young candidate. This culture is carried over into his current professional experience.

A project that is etched in his memory was the maintenance and repair of a critical piece of equipment for a customer. Due to machine breakdown, the company was incurring heavy loss. The team, including Eng Mohammed, set out to complete the task from the early hours of the day, overnight in to the early hours of the next day, not stopping until the machine was restored to operating status. The work ethic inculcated during this period has extended into his current professional environment.

Another interesting experience was in dealing with the fabrication production station. This machine enables to make precise incisions into the HDPE pipes thus allowing a company to produce high quality products for critical applications.

After a solid introduction into German working environment, Mohamed travelled to M/s Aqua Biotech, a company specializing in wastewater treatment plants. After building critical high quality products for wastewater application as one of the outputs for Krah products, he was now able to appreciate their usage in a sensitive environment.  High regulation concerning the industry and meeting government requirements for the same added to the high learning for the young Saudi engineer.

Mohammed has invested huge amount of resources in the introduction and knowledge awareness of utilizing HDPE products, especially in the Middle East and North Africa region. This has resulted in the products being adopted for special applications in some of the world’s largest companies like Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia, Oman Wastewater Services CO (HAYA Water). His efforts have enabled the company, United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing to have crucial tie ups for knowledge transfer and an approved vendor in major companies in the region. Key project references during this period include Jazan Gasification Project, Al Amerat and Al Seeb Wastewater projects among others.

Apart from his interests in the infrastructure filed and HDPE products, Mohammed has varied business interests in trading and supply of manpower to esteemed clients like the US military.

Mohammed maintains an active interest in sports and luxury vehicles preferable of German origin. He is an ardent supporter of football clubs, including Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia, Bayern Munchen of Germany and of course the German National team. His favorite cars include Porsche, Audi and VW. Needless to say, he speaks fluent German and prefers to spend his annual vacation in Germany during the summer.

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