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Plastic Pipes Conference 2017 - get-together

From 23 - 24 November 2017 the “Plastic Pipes Conference” took place at the “Leela Mumbai Hotel” in Mumbai, India.

The conference provides a comprehensive overview of the latest material, technology, business trends and applications in the plastic field. Over 350 delegates listened to presentations and lectures from 25 speakers who are leaders in the field of plastic pipes. One of those was our technical sales representative Jochen Blickheuser. He introduced the Krah Pipes technology to those listening and focused on the importance of plastic pipe systems in the near future, because “the worldwide demand for plastic pipes is expected to grow more than 5% annually until the year of 2019”. Many third-world countries also concentrate more and more on plastic pipes, since they are simply more efficient, easy to handle and have a good UV resistance which is essential in African and Asian developing countries.

Our representative Jochen holding a presentation about the Krah Pipes Technology
Picture 1: Our representative Jochen holding a presentation about the Krah Pipes Technology

   Mr. Ramesh Parasuraman leading through the program
Picture 2: Mr. Ramesh Parasuraman leading through the program

Our Indian representative Ramesh Parasuraman, General Manager at Allied Solutions, is also a member of the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) who arranged the conference. Especially in mind stayed the powerful, one-hour-long speech of Mr. Swami Swatmananda who is one of the leaders of Chinmaya Shivam, an Indian mission trust. He talked about “Success without stress”, making clear that we do have to focus on our business but shouldn’t exagerate with trying to be the best.