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Krah Pipes on artistic in Paris

For the 44th Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain, (International Art Fair, FIAC) in Paris the American artist Oscar Tuazon created an installation made of water treatment pipes by our partner Polypipe, two metres in diameter, and presented a series of sculptures on the Parisian Place Vendôme.

The sculptures were exhibited during the whole month of October, drawing the attention of many pedestrians and visitors from around the world. Many visitors were highly impressed by the size of the pipes: a tall man could easily walk through them without any problems. But it was not just the height that was so impressive. Many people actually thought about the importance of pipes and water in our world. Mr. Tuazon addressed the problem of water resources very clearly and explained the meaning of the sculpture to those interested.

Mr. Tuazons sculpture using Krah pipes on the Parisian Place Vendôme

Pic. 1: Mr. Tuazons sculpture using Krah pipes on the Parisian Place Vendôme

On this point, he says “Our world is water. So we produced an homage to water in form of a sculpture. A pipe, a hole, in which water flows through below ground, a passage from one way to another. Water is an open room below ground. We need to go there, move in the canalisation and live there.” On each side of the war memorial, which stands on the “Place Vendôme” are four sections of fabricated pipe assemblies. Inside each of the pipe assemblies, prepared tree trunks have been installed, to represent the life-giving nature of our ecosystem, since they are an archive of water, a precious resource that we are all dependent on.

Polypipe was really lucky to be taking part in such a great exhibition since it shows the environmental awareness of pipe producers and makes it public to the open world. Polypipe is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of piping systems, water management solutions and energy-efficient ventilation systems, delivering engineered solutions that respond to a rapidly changing environment. Polypipe has an established market position, spanning the residential, commercial, civils and infrastructure, and public non-housing sectors in the UK and selected markets across the globe.
They have been working with the Krah technology for over a decade now and we are really proud to see pipes produced on our machines being used for such a good cause.

Lisa Bläcker
Krah Pipes